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Mar 29, 2008 03:50 PM

Highland Cuisine Haitian-Creole?

Planning on going to Highland Cuisine this evening (been wanting to go for the past 3.5 years!).
I've always been told to get the "fish and beans" or the "pork and beans"....
Any words of advice? Has anyone been there in the past few months?

Thanks! I'll make sure to let you all know how it is :)

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    1. re: Prav

      Thanks! heading out now! will report back! :)

      1. re: Prav

        do they also have goat? I know Highland Kitchen is know for its goat but I don't know about the creole place (ps let me know how it is, I've debated going there forever)

      2. This is too late for you this time, but if you go again I recommend the vegetable entree (can't remember the precise name, but it is the only vegetable entree). Utterly delicious soft vegetable stew.

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        1. re: whops

          Sooo. I didnt really know what to expect....and I have no basis of comparison... But, the couple things we got were tasty enough.
          DC got the Creole Goat. I got the Fried Pork.
          Goat was tasty, came in a spicy sauce, some raw onions, fried plantains..perfectly fine, but nothing wonderful.
          Pork looked pretty dry when it arrived, but once the fork hit the pieces of pork they were pretty tender. the pork came with a light tomato sauce/broth.
          we both got the black rice, which was okay, but had some dried peas in it, that just didnt look to great....all in all, they didnt add or detract from the meal.

          As mentioned, i have been wanting to go here for was very excited, and happy to have gone. Not sure I'll return....would love some advice about other Haitian places to check out :)

          1. re: mollyditty

            There are a few other Haitian options, but I haven't been to any of them recently. In Somerville, near the 99 and behind Kmart at Assembly Sq (Middlesex ave, I believe) is Sunrise cafe -- I thought Highland was a bit better. Camie's on Columbia in Cambridge has a Haitian bakery, which also does some limited food (I do like their meat pies, but its been a while). There also is a Haitian grocery store on Cambridge St, near Prospect. In Everett one Haitian restaurant right at the Rt 99 Rotary closed (cafe creole, now Rob Jocks bar & grill), but further up Main St there is a new restaurant -- I will try to get more info next time I pass, but I posted something in an old post. There also was Chez Mimi in Everett, which about 6 months ago was still open but always heard mixed reviews about it. There are a bunch of other options on Blue Hill Ave, some in Mattapan, but another hound would know more.

            1. re: itaunas

              highland is more of the go to option for the haitians I know personally as opposed to sunrise, although it isn't unanimous. i haven't tried it personally but most likely if you don't like one you won't like the other much either.

              whenever i go to highland i get the goat w/ sauce, some white rice and sos pwa (bean sauce) or brown rice and red beans, and a side order of griot (fried pork). i always get extra pikliz (spicy pickled cabbage) for the goat. i think it is terrific.

            2. re: mollyditty

              Aren't you supposed to add the sauce to the rice/peas dish? I didn't when I went one time and I thought people told me that I should have added the sauce for moisture and flavor.