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Mar 29, 2008 03:00 PM

Where to go with my daughter near Disney Park?

Where to go? coming to LAX to go to Disney with my young daughter, would like some advice where is good for food near disney park!

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  1. There have been dozens of threads on this lately -- while normally I'm happy to repeat, I just finished it not a couple days ago. Please do a search on "Disneyland" or "Anaheim" or "Disney" and you will get lots -- LOTS -- of recommendations.

    1. there is also a website that you should check out that's dedicated completely to disney.

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        Here's a link to a map you can easily print out and use as a guide when you need a restaurant near Disneyland or the convention center - a topic that's come up frequently. As you can see, the choices are somewhat limited, but at least you've got the basics here before you arrive.

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      2. Well try Broadway pizza, it's affordable and okay food . . . a lot of the places are expensive, but good--especially in Downtown Disney. You were not clear what you are looking for, convenience, affordability or just quality . . .