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Where to go with my daughter near Disney Park?

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Where to go? coming to LAX to go to Disney with my young daughter, would like some advice where is good for food near disney park!

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  1. There have been dozens of threads on this lately -- while normally I'm happy to repeat, I just finished it not a couple days ago. Please do a search on "Disneyland" or "Anaheim" or "Disney" and you will get lots -- LOTS -- of recommendations.

    1. there is also a website that you should check out that's dedicated completely to disney.


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        Here's a link to a map you can easily print out and use as a guide when you need a restaurant near Disneyland or the convention center - a topic that's come up frequently. As you can see, the choices are somewhat limited, but at least you've got the basics here before you arrive.


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      2. Well try Broadway pizza, it's affordable and okay food . . . a lot of the places are expensive, but good--especially in Downtown Disney. You were not clear what you are looking for, convenience, affordability or just quality . . .