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Mar 29, 2008 02:57 PM

Places to have a drink near/before Beehive


We have dinner reservations at 5:30pm tomorrow at Beehive with a few couples (all of have kids at home, thus the early reservations), but will be arriving in the area around 2:30pm. Can anyone suggest 2 or 3 places to have drinks at before getting to Beehive? We have no porblem walking around beforehand (and actually want to)... I'm not super familliar with the area....

Thanks in advance,


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  1. The Butcher Shop is right across the street and has a good selection of wines by the glass. But depending how much you want to spend, or how much walking, you might want to consider having a drink in the lounge at the Taj, which looks out at the Public Gardens, or at the Four Seasons. You have enough time so that you could do either of those and then take Arlington St. over to Tremont.

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      Thank you.

      We're looking to park the car (I actually have been to the Butcher shop which was a good mention for location) and walk around/sit at bars for a few hours before dinner....I'm super familliar with Chinatown/Newbury street area, I should have said not so familliar with the South End specifically...

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      1. Your challenge is to find a place that's serving between 2:30p and 5:30p in the South End on a Sunday, kind of an odd window. Your options are limited: brunch moslty ends around 3pm. Gaslight is one good place to while away a couple of mid-afternoon hours with adult beverages on Sunday afternoon. The Beehive itself serves continuously through the afternoon on Sundays, and generally has very fine bartending.

        I'd welcome a follow-up post on your dinner at The Beehive. It got a decidedly lukewarm review in The Herald last week.

        1. Thanks for all of the tips/advice, I appreciate it. Especially the walking tour tips.

          Why Beehive? Simply looking for a cool atmosphere and interesting cocktails and simple menu. I've read a few dozen of the reviews, good and bad....(yelp has over 100 alone). I don't care about the lines out the door after 8pm since I will not be there and rude bartenders probably aren't so rude at 5:30pm on a sunday....

          We'll see what our group thinks since most of us are foodies (my sister and brother-in-law will also be us and are part owners of 3 restaurants in worcester...insert free plug here...block 5 bistro, bocado and mezcal) I'll let you know our take on it. Aside from recent meals at the Butcher Shop and Bin 26, 95% of my eating in Boston revolves around chinatown....(I've been to hong kong/china 8 times and can tell you Boston's Chinatown is the real deal...).

          Let's hope this wind dies down. Out here in Sutton, Ma, it is not what I would call a "walking day"


          1. Mark,
            Agreed the SE is quiet that time on Sunday. May I suggest finding a meter, parking and walking to Newbury St for cocktails or taking the T to(duck now) Fanueil Hall for drinks.

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              Thanks - as everyone in the group has been to Newbury St and Fanueil hall a ton of times, we're going to park on Tremont St. somewhere and find a few places (On foot) to have a drink at the bar....I checked a few of the websites and a bunch will be opne for (if only) drinks post brunch/pre-dinner.