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Mar 29, 2008 01:45 PM

beef mousska in Boston?

Does anybody know where to get beef moussaka in Boston or close by? I hate lamb, so only looking for beef moussaka and at a reasonable price. I don't care too much for the bechamel topping either, but OK if that's the only way it comes. I used to love the moussaka at the Kingston Deli which they used to make on Wednesday's but no longer make it. The Greek takeout in Downtown Corner has the worst mousska but I like their chicken leg.

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  1. not in Town, but Brother's Deli in Danvers Square does a really nice one. i don't know if it is beef, but the meat flavor is pretty mild so it could be. they also do a nice rice with orzo and a thin red tomato-y sauce.
    cheap too.

      1. re: Taralli

        Has anyone ever tried Esperia? I like Moussaka and haven't found a really good place yet. A few years ago, I got it a few times at Dean and Delucas on Charles St. and it was wonderful, but then the cook changed as did the moussaka. Maybe this will fit the bill.

      2. I thought Andros in Belmont makes their moussaka with beef, but has a lamb version as a special. However, would call them first.

        1. The Aegean in Watertown...folks say they can be inconsistent, but I've always loved their moussaka, which is ground beef. Taso's Euro Cafe in Norwood is another place. Great Pastitsio, too!