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Dave's Insanity Microwave Popcorn

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This stuff has probably been around for ages, but i just found it recently in a speciality grocery store a few hours away. Had a bag last night, and I think i may be addicted already. And here i thought the Jalapeno Orville Redenbacher's was good....this stuff definitly out-heat's it. I only purchased two packages :(

What other undiscovered gems are out there???

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  1. what store did you find this at? my son would love it!

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        WOW !! It costs $12 US to get one package of this.....

        next time i see it in the store, i'm stocking up.....it was $2.50 Canadian per package when i got it.

    1. hmm may not have been near you, i got it in Nova Scotia.

      1. My local movie theatre has jalapenos for the nachos, so I just get a side of them when I get popcorn. The hot and sour combined with the sweet butter is lovely, although I don't really like getting my fingers covered in brine and the texture is a bit weird.

        I will look for Dave's Microwave.

        1. Oh, man. I SERIOUSLY need a bag of this stuff.

          1. I haven't had the popcorn, but I'm a big fan of some of the other Dave's products. I really like Dave's burning nuts (hee hee), their various mustards and hot sauces, and I absolutely LOVE their bloody mary mix. For those of you who like your marys spicy, this is a must try.

            1. been fashioning our own microwave popcorn....

              I too had been jonesing for something in the line a spicy kettle korn

              Got some plain old Orville + Good paper bags + spices + teensy bit of oil (only needed to help the spices stick other wise oil is not truly needed)
              mix the popcorn, spices and oil in bowl, poor into the paper bag, fold up the bag (leave room for expansion just like the store bought packages) microwave till the pops are 1-3 second intervals and Voila! I read that there is some magical thermodynamic principle that prevents all the corm from popping for all Mwave corn so don't be disappointed.

              If only I could find some Melinda's habenero powder for home then it could have been really something. Instead I settled quite happily for Cayenne, sea salt, sugar. Spicy, salty and sweet. Everything I like all together.