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Mar 29, 2008 01:31 PM

Dave's Insanity Microwave Popcorn

This stuff has probably been around for ages, but i just found it recently in a speciality grocery store a few hours away. Had a bag last night, and I think i may be addicted already. And here i thought the Jalapeno Orville Redenbacher's was good....this stuff definitly out-heat's it. I only purchased two packages :(

What other undiscovered gems are out there???

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  1. what store did you find this at? my son would love it!

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      1. re: bremfoodie

        WOW !! It costs $12 US to get one package of this.....

        next time i see it in the store, i'm stocking was $2.50 Canadian per package when i got it.

    1. hmm may not have been near you, i got it in Nova Scotia.

      1. My local movie theatre has jalapenos for the nachos, so I just get a side of them when I get popcorn. The hot and sour combined with the sweet butter is lovely, although I don't really like getting my fingers covered in brine and the texture is a bit weird.

        I will look for Dave's Microwave.

        1. Oh, man. I SERIOUSLY need a bag of this stuff.

          1. I haven't had the popcorn, but I'm a big fan of some of the other Dave's products. I really like Dave's burning nuts (hee hee), their various mustards and hot sauces, and I absolutely LOVE their bloody mary mix. For those of you who like your marys spicy, this is a must try.