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Mar 29, 2008 12:01 PM

Looking for Supurb Evening Pancakes in Rockland

Hey - A friend of ours requested a dinner of excellent pancakes for dinner on her birthday, which we are happy to oblige her with, but we've only lived in Nyack (and Rockland County) for a little while. We've looked at the Pancake House in Ridgewood, NJ, which is a little far. Strawberry Place in Nyack is closed for dinner (sniff!! Their pancakes are so good!) We saw there is a Pancakes Plus in Nanuet, but don't know if it's worth visiting or not. Does anyone have any good suggestions for pancakes in a twenty minute radius from Nyack? We'd prefer to avoid IHOPs.

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  1. I would make my own. But if that is not an option then I would try the Blauvelt Coach Diner on 303. Their pancakes are ok.

    1. Just suck it up and go to Ridgewood. They have extensive dinner options in addition to the best pancakes around. Also, the Pancake House is not much beyond your 20 minute radius if you take the Garden State.

      1. Another vote for RIdgewood. Their menu is huge, as are the portions, and the chocloate chip corn bread to start is great.
        If you take 87 to the GSP, you'll be there in 20 minutes or less.

        1. Ridgewood. Why mess around?

          1. I know its a little late...
            Pancakes Plus is terrific. Not open for dinner, but lunch and breakfast are really great, and the pancakes are the best. I prefer them to the Ridgewood pancake house, although I only went there twice, but found the pancakes tasteless and need of salt or sugar or something in the patter. Pancakes Plus uses all fresh fruits in their pancakes, and they are dinner plate size. A short stack is plenty for one, and a full stack can be shared! No real maple syryp though, but there are plenty of flavored syrups. The apple walnut was delicious, as were the fresh banana and blueberry.