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Mar 29, 2008 11:54 AM

New season's asparagus (moved from UK/Ireland)

This morning, the village greengrocer had the first I've seen of new season asparagus - grown in Herefordshire. It seems very early but still very very welcome.

As every year, I'll buy it at every opportunity for the few weeks we have it. And I'll be happy to eat it traditionally - just boiled and served with butter & pepper. But, after a few weeks, I always get a bit jaded and look for something new to do with it. Any thoughts - particularly something that will fit with the British tradition - after all this is lamb and Jerseys time.

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  1. I'm sure the Team will switch this to Home Cooking. :-) Well, I hope our local pick your own soon has their asparagus. It does seem early. I usually cook mine with a dash of balsamic on top. I think it's best not to get too fancy with asparagus.

    1. Early - and not overly cheap. £2.50 for 250gr

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      1. re: Harters

        I still have trouble not converting prices into dollars. I'd never pay $5.00 for that much asparagus. And would I pay $1.50 for a small iceberg lettuce? Hmmm.

        1. re: zuriga1

          Just finished dinner - they were fab.

          1. re: Harters

            And just the start of the season!

      2. The balsamic thing? How do you cook the asparagus. I think that would be really nice griddled or roasted.

        My "special" is to put it in a dish, slosh some hollandaise on it; sprinkle with parmesan and stick it under the grill for a couple of minutes.

        Mrs H has already started talking about her asparagus and smoked salmon risotto.

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          Right... if I use the balsamic, the asparagus is roasted. I have some thick, balsamic syrup right now and might try just a splash of that. Long ago, I found a recipe for asparagus gratin - put into the oven with bread crumbs, parmesan and pine nuts after cooking in a bit of butter. I'm not sure I'd like that one. Risotto is a very good way to use asparagus... nice instead of peas. I don't make hollandaise very often... but what a great invention!

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            Have to confess, I don't make the hollandaise but use the jarred stuff from Sainsbury (usually near the mustards). Real it ain't, but it's not bad.

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              It's OK... I used a mix in America. :-) I see we've found a new home for this thread. Am I smart or what??

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                Yep. You The Man (so to speak) :-0

                Got an nice email from a Mod saying he'd switched it. Guess he hadnt bought into the idea it was a primarily an ingredient availability thread, not a recipe one.


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              Zuriga, that is more or less how my (Italian) mother makes asparagus-omit the pine nuts and add onions. It is delicious and such a comfort food for me.

          2. Our asparagus isn't seasonal yet, but I'm making a Hopkinson recipe tonight for grilled (indoor) asparagus with slivers of parmesan on it. I also like a squeeze of lemon juice and lemon zest, along with salt and olive oil.

            1. I like to toss in a little olive oil and salt, then toss with sliced prosciutto and roast. You can wrap them in the prosciutto if you are up to it. (Not British, I'm sure, but tasty!)