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Mar 29, 2008 11:49 AM

What to Eat at Barton G?

Okay, so, I am invited to Barton G for a dinner gathering. (and no, I have to pay my way)

I search the board and know that the review has been rather negative, but considering I don't have a say in the pick of restaurant, can someone at least tell me which dishes are preferrable and which to avoid? I have done just appertizer and dessert and won't mind doing the same thing if that's all that are recommendable and within budget.


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  1. Ok, if you must, their onion soup is very good, not overpriced and is a sizeable portion. As far as desserts go their beignettes were my favorite.

    Zen tuna trio is not bad either. Seared rare tuna as a main is good too.

    I have not eaten there in over a year btw so I hope these are still on the menu.

    1. I'd suggest gnawing your own foot off and then begging out of the invitation - especially if you have to share on the bill.

      Give me some time, I'll come up with ten more snarky responses.

      My strategy would depend on whether you're actually paying for the items you order, of if you're planning to split the check evenly among the group. If the former, go app and dessert. If the latter, punish your poor-restaurant-choosing companions by just ordering the most expensive things you can find on the menu.

      I know, still not helpful.

      The only thing I can recall actually enjoying from an ill-fated visit I made in similar circumstances was the "Millionaire's Baked Potato" which was stuffed with lobster and lots of other goodies.

      1. Not a place to go for the food, but we always have fun there. The best things I have had there are the bbq beef short ribs, the fried chicken, and the macaroni and cheese.

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          Be warned on the mac & cheese. It is 4 cheese and one of them is velveta. Second point is the mac & cheese is $30 - not exactly the best value in the world. Especially considering you can get an equal sized portion of better mac & cheese @ p112 for $10. Fried chicken is also expensive btw...

          What is interesting is the nitrogen drinks. Very expensive but they cool the alcohol in nitrogen so you don't need ice cubes which eventually water down the drink (thus more alcohol). I by no means mean to say it is a bargain but worth a try at least once. I enjoy them...

          1. re: tpigeon

            The nitro drinks are interesting. I recall they made a big fuss about bringing in some "molecular gastronomy" chef to jazz up the menu, and then gave him nothing to do other than create some specialty drinks. He's now gone but I guess the drinks remain.

          2. re: mageeee

            Arrive late and order the chocolate cake and coffee - both are sublime. Stick to that and you will be able to leave with your wallet (somewhat) intact.

            1. re: jessierandall

              I love your idea!!
              To answer Frodnesor's question, it looks like we will be splitting the bill. I usually come out at the short end but most time it's okay as long as it's not outrageous and the company is good.
              How much is the Millionaire's baked potato??

              1. re: tarepanda

                Don't remember the price on the baked potato. Less than $1 million.