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Mar 29, 2008 11:15 AM

Nizza pre-theater?

I just read about this place in the Times. Sounds pretty good for for a trip I'll be taking into the city in April. Any impressions out there? Would I need to make reservations for a Thursday?

I have reservations for August on Friday so recommendations for any place that's not too similar in the theater district are welcome (<50 pp).

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  1. I was just there on Friday. My family and I thought it was great. We didn't have a reservation, and they seated us within 10 or 15 minutes.
    We didn't order any main dishes. We just shared a bunch of appetizers. They were very accommadating and managed to fit all the little plates on our table. We especially liked the socca, which was mentioned in the Times review. We also shared an order of salumi, some tapenade, an arugula salad and a panino with taleggio and figs. And we had several desserts. I loved the panna cotta with torrone. The chocolate cake and the orange-chocoate crostata were also good. I'd definitely recommend it.

    1. I'm pretty sure Nizza is in the same restaurant group as Marseille, one of our Theater District favorites. We haven't been to Nizza yet, but it's on my "go to" list, and I have high hopes for it.

      When dining pre-theater in that area, no matter what day it is, reservations are always a must!

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        Nizza is an excellent pre-theater choice. Nothing is over $12 and the food was fresh and original; Italian-influenced Provencal cuisine, Nice in particular.

      2. Had dinner last week at Scarlatto's, in the theatre district on West 47th. Very enjoyable, and their pre-theatre 3 course is $29, so you can't beat it. Not everything is on the pretheatre, but seeing as I didn't want dessert, my 2 courses were around $29. We were 6 all together, 4 had glasses of wine, most of us had coffee or tea, and it came to $40 per person with tax and tip.

        1. Nizza doesn't take reservations so get there by 545 so you can be seated right away if you have theater tickets for that night. We like it for the convenience and good food but it is not a destination place.

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            While there are many very good restaurants in the Theater District, in my view, very few are worthy of being considered destination restaurants. We have several favorites there but only go to them when we have theater tickets.

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              Not that I would go without theatre tickets, but I think that db Bistro is not in the "well I'll go because it's near the theatre" vein like many of the others. I definitely agree with you about most of the places we go though. If I enjoy the food, and can get out in time for the show, it's a bonus.

              1. re: robinsilver

                We've been to dbBistro twice when we've had tickets, but not recently. Although I have to admit it hasn't occurred to us to go there when not seeing a show, it is one of the few that I would put on the "destination restaurant" list.