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Anyone know where i can get this niiice chile powder?

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  1. Couldn't find in the the Wholespice (http://www.wholespice.com/) on line catalog but perhaps they can get some for you.Otherwise.

    1. Good question. There are a number of Turkish ingredients I haven't been able to find around here. I found Aleppo pepper at Lhasa Karnak, you might call and ask.

      Lhasa Karnak Herb Company
      2482 Telegraph Ave, Berkeley, CA 94704

      1. I buy it online from Zingermans.

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          there is a new herb/spice store in the presidio, cannot recall the name but run by a very nice woman.

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            found it! its caled juliet mae, she is located in the presidio.

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              From the website it seems like the Presido address is just for mail-order purposes. Is there a retail shop?

              Spice Vice
              San Francisco, CA, San Francisco, CA

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                no retail, just web or phone orders, sorry.

          2. I just found this for sale at Whole Spice in Napa at the Oxbow Public Market.

            Whole Spice Company
            610 First Street, Napa, CA 94559

            1. Here is a quote from a blog on Urfa.
              "Urfa biber is one of the most unique spices I have ever experienced. The chili, a striking burgundy pepper that grows in the Urfa region of Turkey, is sundried during the day and then wrapped up tight to "sweat" through the night. The result is often described as a "spicy raisin" and while at first blush that might not sound appealing, it points at some of the magic of the urfa's flavor. There is definitely a sense of dried fruit, a highly concentrated sweetness that has a richness and depth to its flavor that fresh fruit lacks, and that's what hits the tongue first, but it is soon met by a full-bodied warmth that is highly persistent and holds flavor instead of just heat."

              1. I don't know that you can get it there (I've never looked for it as I only heard about it for the first time today) but you should try looking in Samiramis. They have a ton of middle eastern stuff.

                Samiramis Imports
                2990 Mission St, San Francisco, CA 94110

                1. I buy all my Turkish spices from Formaggio Kitchen in Cambridge, MA (I mail order them) -- they have Aleppo, Maras, and Urfa peppers always available.


                  1. Last week I called European Turkish market in Burlingame to see if it might have urfa biber in stock. The male voice on the phone said that he had some. But when I arrived, none was to be found and i was told it was coming in next week.

                    To salvage the special trip I'd made, I bought the maras (aka marash) biber instead. This is a brick red semi-moist pepper in coarse flakes. It's $19.99 for 1 kg package or $9.99/lb. The smallest amount I could buy was 0.70 lbs. Maras has a slight smoky quality and medium heat that reminds me of Mexican guajillo pepper.

                    So far I've used it to make ezo gelin (Turkish-style red lentil soup) and to season cavalo nero, roasted butternut squash & pancetta pasta. I put some on the table as a finishing condiment and the dinner guests enjoyed tasting it and adding more to their pasta.

                    If the urfa biber had been in stock, I wouldn't have tried this lovely pepper in its stead. So maybe this turned out to be a lucky break.

                    European Turkish Market
                    1138 Chula Vista Ave, Burlingame, CA

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                      I just bought urfa at the Pasta Shop on 4th, source Whole Spice 2oz about $6.

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                        Just in case anyone was wondering, like I was earlier...

                        This is still available at 'The Pasta Shop,' but I went to the one located in the 'Rockridge Market Hall' in Oakland...


                        Tasted a bit from the bottle I bought... Very very nice... ^^

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                        I have been using Marash a lot over the past couple of years. Currently buying from Whole Spice via Pasta Shop.

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                          I stopped by the market on Tuesday and this time was successful in buying some urfa biber in bulk. It's $9.99 per pound. None was pre-packaged, so I was able to ask for the amount I wanted. Haven't cooked with it yet, but I love the aroma. Urfa has a fruity, bittersweet chocolate scent. It seems about the same heat as the marash and the same coarse flake texture.

                          1. frontzNskrontz did you buy some and if so how did you use it.?

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                              I picked up about an ounce of "Turkish Urfa Pepper" for $2.30 from The Spanish Table in Berkeley last week. Seems like it would be good as part of a rub for grilled meat. The Spanish Table also had Aleppo pepper--but not grains of paradise, which I've been on the lookout for.

                              Spanish Table
                              1814 San Pablo Ave, Berkeley, CA 94702

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                                Please post if you find the grains of paradise. I've been looking, too.

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                                  ernie it is in the whole Spice Catalog. Some of their products are at 4th Street Pasta Shop. They may be able to save you a online buy or a trip to Oxbow Napa.

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                                    That link took me to the page for grains of paradise, and WOW, are they expensive! Mine were only $4.00 an ounce at worldspice.com I did run a search for urfa biber at Whole Spice, and got a "Not Found." Again, I got my urfa biber from World Spice, where it is $2.00 an ounce and quite fresh and flavorful. I get most of my spices from them and haven't been disappointed yet!

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                                      For some reason Whole Spice has dropped the biber and how describes it as chili urfa crushed but it is the isot with the smoky taste. If you buy 4 oz it is $2 an oz.
                                      Chowhounds in their 70's, you and I, may never finish 4 ounces.

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                                        That's one of the things I like about World Spice. You never have to buy more than one ounce of anything if you don't want to. AND you can order, they ship and send you a bill and THEN you pay. I think they still do that. You're now given the option of paying by credit card when you order or having them bill you. Urfa biber was something like 80 or 85 cents an ounce more at Whole Spice AND you had to order more than an ounce. That's a heckuva way to run a rail road! If I do live long enough to finish four ounces, I want the last ounce to be as fresh as the first, so I'll order mine an ounce at a time! '-)

                                        1. re: Caroline1

                                          Yes, but that's in Seattle or online, which is a topic for another board. My source in Burlingame for urfa biber is located in the SF Bay Area and charges 62.5ยข an oz. vs. the $4/oz you pay.

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                                      I've looked for them at the Pasta Shop but didn't find them. I'll see whether they can order some.

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                                        Juliet Mae has a booth at the Marin Sunday Market and sells these stores.

                                        Juliet Mae
                                        Presidio of San Francisco, CA 94129, Presidio of San Francisco, CA 94129

                              2. So any updates on this topic? ^^

                                Place noted in Burlingame is kaput...

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                                  Here's a newer thread.
                                  Think it's still available Pasta Shop but call first.
                                  Whole Spice 5 pound for $92.