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Mar 29, 2008 11:08 AM

Italy Restaurant Itinerary - Any additions?

Heading to Italy for most of April, and have a few meals lined up. Looking for any other suggestions, probably more mid-range ish.

Antico Arco - Rome
Quattro Possi - Marina del Cantone, Amalfi Coase
Castello Banfi - Tuscany
Antica Trattoria Botteganova - Siena

We're also doing a Parmagolosa tour in Parma.

We will be in Rome, Amalfi, Cortona, Siena, Parma and Milan. Any further thoughts are appreciated.

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  1. While you're in Amalfi, have lunch at Da Gemma. We had an amazing lunch there last October.

    1. Do head to Anacapri for Da's off the beaten track at the far right end of the island but truly magical. It's the spot my husband has requested for his last meal. Raviloi melts in your mouth, fantastic rabbit dish, views to die for. It's a 30 minute flat trek & worth every second of the journey. Hope you meet The Professor who owns Villa Marianna next door & The Capri Philosophical Park across the street, er...road path, (Da Gelsomina sells his "Meditation upon Western Wisdom". When he walked in the restaurant, my husband remarked, "I don't know who he is but I bet he's smart as s__t". Egads! Your IQ increases by osmosis. Anyway, I can't wait to return in September. So, please don't miss Cah-pree!

      1. why banfi, it is big commericial and untypical it is good to visit there for an hour our two to view museum

        1. You have to try Ristorante Museo Caruso in Sorrento. We live in Italy and I seriously think this is one of the best meals we have ever had in our lives.

          Try also Le Mani in Pasta and Lo Spirito di Vino in Rome.

          Milan (home, sweet home) try Vecchia Latteria on Via dell'unione (closed on Sundays). No English menu but get the tasting menu (or let the owner decide for you). Osteria dell'Operetta on Corso di Porta Ticinese has a good tasting menu (35 euro per person). Cantina della Vetra (Piazza Vetra) is not bad. You need a taxi to get here but Trattoria del Drago is fabulous. No English menu there either and it's not in any guidebooks as far as I know. D'O (outside of Milan in Cornaredo) is very sought after but you probably cannot get a reservation at this point. There is a two month waiting list. Another great place to try is Giaccomo on Via Sottocorno.

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            I second the suggestion of Spirito di Vino in Roma.

            1. I too would skip Banfi. There is Trattoria alle Campania in Monte Antico or Il Pozzo in Sant'Angelo in Colle. La Croce on the road between St Antimo and Montalcino comes highly recommended. In Montalcino, Giglio is superb. L'Assedio was new and showed a lot of potential when we dined thee a year+ ago, and I would go back.

              In Roma, I love Checco er Carretiere in Trastevere for both seafood & meats in an old fashioned style. We usually dispense with the menu and chose from the fresh veggie display and the fresh fish display and add a deep fried combo plate (artichokes, zucchini flowers, arancini if I recall, they will also add some deep fred baccala). La Rosetta remain my favorite high end incredible seafood choice.

              In Sorrento in Marina Piccolo is La Vela for high priced high end seafood. They will bring over a trolley filled with live and locally caught fish. We had a pasta made from a live spiney lobster that was outrageously priced but worth it. The baked scorpion fish was some of the best fish I have EVER had. We had a plate of grilled scampi which were crawling all over the fish trolley.

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                deangold, have you put Il Veliero da Carmelo, Via Monserrato 32, on your list? Since you adore La Rosetta, this is the latest from Carmelo Riccioli who formerly owned La Rosetta. Their fish is flown in daily from Sicily. Closed Mondays, and they have Sunday lunch.