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What do you have for lunch at home? (moved from Outer Boroughs board)

Hi everyone,

I am really interested in what all you food lovers have for lunch when at home. I am not talking about complicated recipes or take-out but, your favorite lunch that you put together at home on a weekday if you work from home. I am at home a lot for lunch but am bored with my old stand by lunch food so looking for inspiration. I usually have quesadillas one day, tuna sandwich another day, turkey sandwiches and maybe some hummus on a pita another. Would be fun to see what other people have. Thanks!

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  1. I work at home and I have to say that most of my lunches are leftovers from dinner especially soups or pastas. Sometimes I make a turkey breast and have that a couple of days for lunch with a salad.

    1. Curry chicken salad in a tortilla with fresh spinach.
      Panini's with various filling.
      Reg. chicken salad on white bread.

      1. If we don't have leftovers (rare), I will usually make a bowl of tomato soup and a sandwich. Turkey and avocado is my favorite, though we don't often have the stuff for it. Toasted cheese is more common. For some reason, eating just a sandwich makes me grumpy but adding the soup turns it into "real food."

        Also, veggie dumplings with some sriracha and hoisin are great and quick. We buy big bags of them at the Asian market.

        1. Pasta with a "sauce" of olive oil, red pepper flakes, and thinly sliced garlic (I'm at home, right ;) ) that I heat together in a pan. Sometimes I add some tomato sauce and/or a protein that I have on hand like canned tuna, leftover shrimp, or italian sausage...

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            this is what i eat too! I also do cheese , crackers, and sardines.

          2. If I'm home, it usually means I have off from work and I sleep-in because I have very early hours when I do work, it's more like a brunch for me. I'll usually have a bowl of cereal or an English muffin with peanut butter. If I'm splurging, I'll have a bagel with scallion tofu.

            1. Recently I've been making veggie pot stickers. When I'm in a hurry I love to spread some onion and chive cream cheese on saltines and put them in a bowl of canned tomato soup.

              1. When the price of gas started going up, I negotiated working from home one day a week. With another rise projected, I am hoping to be able to extend that to two days a week. An unexpected benefit has been that I've used up more leftovers. It has bothered me that we waste too much food in this family. There are only 3 of us to begin with, and both my husband and my son have erratic schedules, so...

                If there aren't leftovers to be had, I like to eat cottage cheese with tomatoes, salad, or soup and crackers.

                1. Scrambled eggs with a side of a fresh vegetable (asparagus, sugar snaps, carrots, squash, etc.), a bit of cheese and some fresh bread.

                  I'll echo all the calls of leftovers!

                  1. Good question and I can't wait to read the responses. I'm all about tuna or grilled cheese.

                    1. Having overcome a weight problem, I usually have an ounce or two of Niman Ranch ham, and nuthin else. Once in a while, maybe a half han sandwich on toast. Not on a no-carb diet, but I save carbs for b'fast and supper.

                      1. This is actualy pretty funny, because at work, I hit the deli for a sandwich or one fo their hot specials, and occasionally pizza, chinese, or ribs & chicken. When I'm at home, usually it's a weekend and I'm watching sports. I love a brunch of fried eggs, cheese, bacon, on a bagel or english muffin or a bagel with cream cheese.

                        But that's not truly a lunch. Without cooking, I love to get some cheese and sliced tomato and some blue cheese dressing and slapping that on a roll. If I want to makea qucik cooked meal, it's usually a cheeseburger with sliced onions (nobody's smelling my breath that day)

                        1. One thing I do on a regular turkey sandwich is substitute TJ's red pepper tapenade artichoke antipasto for mustard/mayo.

                          1. weekends are the only days i'm home for lunch... we're usually running around crazy doing errands, housework, and projects on the weekends, so i try not to plan lunch too much, just make sure we've got a few things around. one favorite is bean tostadas (fry up some corn tortillas, cook some pintos with some salt and smash them, spread them on the tortillas, sprinkle on some hot sauce, top with thinly sliced onion, mabe some shredded lettuce). another fave of mine is a salad with lettuce, serrano ham, shaved manchego, homemade croutons, tomatoes, and buttermilk dressing. omgsogood. but that one takes a little planning. :) we usually have fuggets on hand (fake chicken nuggets, ie TVP - Quorn is our current favorite), pb&j, and tuna for tuna melts. beyond that, we'll try to get creative with leftovers.

                            1. My husband and I work 3rd and 2nd shifts, respectively, and eat a lot of 'dorm food' on our own during the week. Thank goodness for George Foreman! Several times a week I make quesadillas or grilled veggies; if I'm lazy I grill shredded cheese between corn tortillas and slice up a red bell pepper for the microwave. And a bottle of my favorite "liquid bread".

                              Packed lunches for work are a source of aggravation to me: what can I bring to work that I'll actually want to eat, doesn't cost the earth or stink up the office, and something I haven't had three times this week already? If I don't have leftover 'something' from the weekend, it's usually a hunk of cheese, faux meat product (corn dogs lately--I'm totally burned out on 'nuggets' and 'bites'), maybe a salad, rounded out with a bag of baby carrots and some crackers. Since I sit on my butt pounding a keyboard all evening I don't require much, but man, it gets boring! I swill water and tea all evening to avoid the munchies in between keystrokes...good excuse to take a walk down to the water cooler and then the john!

                              1. I work from home, too. Quesadillas are pretty big around here, and I usually try to make a big batch of some kind of soup, which I can then have with some bread or crackers.

                                Another standby is to plate up some leftover roasted vegetables and make an egg overeasy to drop on top.

                                1. Fresh fruit plus non-fat cottage cheese (Trader Joe's is best) on whole wheat toast. Every day. Never get tired of it.

                                  1. I'm big on salads topped with some kind of protein - a veggie burger, leftover chana dal, a poached egg.

                                    I eat a lot of eggs, too. They're so versatile.

                                    I sometimes make big platters of steamed veggies that I dunk in peanut sauce. In the summer, I love lettuce wraps (but they can be messy to eat, esp. if you're working at the same time).

                                    1. Similar to others that crave protein and ease...

                                      Egg white omelette w/ salsa or stirfried mushrooms and onions
                                      Grilled veggies stirfried w/ shirataki noodles and egg whites
                                      Egg white salad w/ steamed veggies on the side
                                      Fat free cottage cheese w/ salsa or cinnamon, stevia, and vanilla
                                      Egg whites made into crepes and filled w/ cinnamony cottage cheese, wrapped and browned in a pan, served w/ a little jam from TJ's
                                      Tuna w/ ff mayo, red apple, red onion, and dill
                                      Protein shake

                                      1. To be quite honest, I love having cereal for lunch (esp. a good, homemade ginger, cranberry, pistachio granola). I also usually do a pretty light lunch since I snack throughout the day and a full meal tends to make me sleepy. A few of my faves:

                                        * hand rolls -- I usually have a tupperware container of sushi rice kicking around. I wrap this rice along with some cucumber and/or olive oil marinated tuna fish and/or egg (omelette or hard boiled), and whatever else is on hand that day, all into a sheet of nori for a hand roll.

                                        * Summer rolls -- also fast and easy if you keep the ingredients on hand. (Soak the rice wrappers in hot water, wrap it all up, eat.)

                                        * A big vat of soup that gets better as the week progresses (i'm currently on a leek and potato soup kick); also like roasted red pepper and tomato, corn chowder, chicken / veggie / barley

                                        * fruit / crudites and cheese (sometimes in the form of fondue if I'm feeling more decadent than usual and have time)

                                        * good, whole milk yogurt

                                        * tea eggs -- make them in large batches; they last a while

                                        * baked potato topped with cheese, salsa, chili -- whatever's on hand

                                        * salad, of course (esp. tabouleh or a big bowl of mache with sunflower seeds, chevre, tomatoes, artichoke hearts, roasted red peppers, etc...)

                                        * Ritz crackers or (lundberg) brown rice cakes with cream cheese and cucumber, cream cheese and tomato, cream cheese and chopped liver, pate and tomato, etc...

                                        * pan roasted cherry tomatoes with feta and basil leaves (just torn by hand)

                                        If I really don't have time, it's just a couple of spoons of almond butter and an apple.

                                        1. In the cold or cool weather (most of the year in Montréal) I usually make up a pot of chicken stock and make various types of soup on that basis, aiming to eat a lot of vegetables and some lean protein (chicken poached in the soup, tofu etc). Sometimes more a minestrone type with beans, or lentil soup, other times more a Southeast Asian soup with bean sprouts, watercress, rice noodles.

                                          In the summer, often a salad with pretty much the same stuff. I don't like to eat a heavy meal when working at the computer, but want to make sure I get the veg quotient.

                                          Not pasta, I'd have that in the evening, with a glass of wine.

                                          1. Today's lunch was a flour tortilla stuffed with pinto bean spread that I whipped up this morning, then a layer of fresh roma tomatoes, sprinklings of mozzarella, then a little flurry of cumin and basil. Threw it in the oven to broil then once it was out drizzled it with sour cream and hot sauce!

                                            Simple yet so yummy =)

                                            1. I like to eat small items throughout the day when I'm working from home. Today I had a banana mid-morning, strawberries, another banana, and a hard-boiled egg for lunch, and a yogurt in the late afternoon. My top lunch choices are soup (I make a big vat on the weekend and reheat for lunch all week), bread and cheese (sometimes with olives), and fruit salad (or sometimes assorted fruit throughout the day, not in salad form).

                                              1. Grilled cheese, quesadillas or nachos.

                                                1. Almost always I eat leftovers. On the rare occasion I don't have anything leftover, tuna melts are always popular, eggs with chili and oyster sauce or an omelette if I want to keep it light. Given that I live on the Upper West Side of Manhattan, I've been meaning to try lunch at Telepan, but if I go out, it's more likely that I'm going to head to Fairway for eggplant, whitefish or chopped liver.

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                                                    Buffalo wings using unbreaded, Purdue wings in the deep fryer. Pepperoni pizza using pocketless pita bread, cooked on the pizza stone, crispy and chewy, yummy...

                                                  2. One of my fav food for lunch is BLT on toast. I also like to make turkey hoagies with lots of hot peppers. leftovers when available. I love tomato soup w/bologna and mustard sammy's. I have been known to make an egg mcmuffin when I have the ingredients on hand. If I am too lazy to put something together then a good old salad does the trick.

                                                    1. Since I eat dinner out almost every night, I like to have a light lunch at home - usually it's either lowfat cottage cheese or nonfat plain yogurt and a piece of fruit.

                                                      1. I generally try to have a pretty healthy lunch so I can eat a more interesting dinner. I like to make salads because there quick, relatively healthy, and I can be creative with them and do something different every day. I usually just put in whatever I have lying around. But I few good combinations are a chinese salad (mandarin oranges, almonds, those crispy won-ton thingies, tomatoes, and sometimes green onion with a chinese salad dressing) also a greek salad (kalamata olives, feta cheese, tomatoes, cucumbers, red onions, olive oil and vinegar). I have to say though I have the most fun when I'm just trying to use up leftovers and put everything in it and then dress it with balsamic vinegar (I could drink balsamic vinegar) and olive oil.