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Mar 29, 2008 10:58 AM

What do you have for lunch at home? (moved from Outer Boroughs board)

Hi everyone,

I am really interested in what all you food lovers have for lunch when at home. I am not talking about complicated recipes or take-out but, your favorite lunch that you put together at home on a weekday if you work from home. I am at home a lot for lunch but am bored with my old stand by lunch food so looking for inspiration. I usually have quesadillas one day, tuna sandwich another day, turkey sandwiches and maybe some hummus on a pita another. Would be fun to see what other people have. Thanks!

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  1. I work at home and I have to say that most of my lunches are leftovers from dinner especially soups or pastas. Sometimes I make a turkey breast and have that a couple of days for lunch with a salad.

    1. Curry chicken salad in a tortilla with fresh spinach.
      Panini's with various filling.
      Reg. chicken salad on white bread.

      1. If we don't have leftovers (rare), I will usually make a bowl of tomato soup and a sandwich. Turkey and avocado is my favorite, though we don't often have the stuff for it. Toasted cheese is more common. For some reason, eating just a sandwich makes me grumpy but adding the soup turns it into "real food."

        Also, veggie dumplings with some sriracha and hoisin are great and quick. We buy big bags of them at the Asian market.

        1. Pasta with a "sauce" of olive oil, red pepper flakes, and thinly sliced garlic (I'm at home, right ;) ) that I heat together in a pan. Sometimes I add some tomato sauce and/or a protein that I have on hand like canned tuna, leftover shrimp, or italian sausage...

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            this is what i eat too! I also do cheese , crackers, and sardines.

          2. If I'm home, it usually means I have off from work and I sleep-in because I have very early hours when I do work, it's more like a brunch for me. I'll usually have a bowl of cereal or an English muffin with peanut butter. If I'm splurging, I'll have a bagel with scallion tofu.