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Mar 29, 2008 10:51 AM

BBQ Grills

Our bbq is on it's last legs and wondering what grills Chowhounders out there own. We are looking for a propane grill. I saw the Nexgrill Grand Classic (with oven!) at Costco, and it is a beauty I must say. Any comments or suggestions would be helpful, Thanks!

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  1. Very poor quality and no customer service.

    Pretty on the outside.

    All bbq's cook though and you'll probably enjoy it until something breaks.

    Pretend you have one and call Nexgrill with a warranty question.

    Most likely early problem would be the ignitor.

    You can't go to any bbq store for replacement parts.

    Next year Costco will carry a different brand.

    Go to a bbq store (NOT Galore) and buy something with a long history and plenty of available replacement parts.

    If you spend a lot of money, in 8 - 10 years you might need burners. You want to be able to get them.

    Good luck!

    I have a DCS. It was great when I purchased it 15 years ago. The company sold and now you can't get anything from them.

    I also have a Firemagic. That company is wonderful. Works well and they always have what I need.

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    1. re: mar52

      Thanks very much, decided to not go with Nexgrill, to many iffy reviews. We ended up buying a stainless steel Vermont Casting today.

      The Firemagics looked lovely but a bit over budget for us ;o) Maybe next time when we win the lottery!!

      1. re: sweeterpea

        Great choice on the Vermont Castings grill. I have the same one (well, same idea, but two years old, so slightly different) and use it almost 8 months of the year. Love it. Even heat, large enough for big groups, small enough for 2 people...

        Cooking tip for the 4 burner VC - if you are just cooking a few steaks/burgers/whatever, crank up all 4 burners for 10 minutes to preheat, then put the meat on the two middle grates and turn middle burners right down (or 1/4). When it is time to flip the meat, turn middle burners back up, lower outside ones, and flip meat onto outside grates. Gives great sear and keeps heat at reasonable level.

        1. re: Dan G

          Hey thanks, Dan :o) It's arriving tomorrow, so very excited.

    2. We live in California and use our grill several times a week year round. We currently have a Magic Chef (love it). Previously we have had Bull, and Firemagic (17 years). All fine. The only reason we changed brands was because we moved, not because we had to replace the bbq (they were built in). Ours have always been natural gas, but propane would have been an option had we wanted to go that way.

      1. I've had a medium size Ghar-Broil recommended by Consumer Reports for several years now. Works fine. Depends on your climate and budget and other things, but I wouldn't want to spend the money on propane to cook things in an oven. Also, from what I've gleaned, the "stainless" steel on many impressive-looking grillls is really pretty stainful.