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Mar 29, 2008 09:48 AM

Favorite Fairmount Spots

I'm moving to this neighborhood in the next couple months and I don't know mych about the neighborhood restaurant scene. From my limited understanding, its pretty underrated. I wanna hear CHer's favortie bars, restaurants, brunches, local stores, groceries...all that good stuff. I've been to the Bishop's Collar, which is pretty decent, but not overally impressive...what else ya got Fairmount???

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  1. I personally love the Fairmount/Art Museum area and am a big fan of the Bishops Collar. It's a great neighborhood place where the staff gets to know you, they have an awesome beer selection and the $6 chicken quesadilla covered in fruit is awesome (as are the $6 turkey nachos).
    We're also regulars at Aspen, but we tend to stay in the bar area at the high tables - I just really enjoy the atmosphere there. Again, great beer selection and some good choices on the menu - the fish and chips are a favorite as well as the mussels and the salads.
    Figs has also been always a great meal for me and so incredibly well priced, it's amazing what you can get out of there paying for a lot of food.
    For breakfast/coffee - swing by Mugshots right across from the prison. A lot of good veggie and vegan options but my BF gets the breakfast burrito with guac every time,it's really good - I wouldn't say southern california breakfast burrito good, but I do enjoy this one.

    welcome to the 'hood!

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        Hi, EAstCoast, and welcome to Fairmount. Here's something offbeat for you: LIttle Pete's in the 2400 Block of Fairmount. Not Chow, but value, value, with good consistent quality, friendly service for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and all the times in-between and after. As for market, well, in the same building (where I live) Klein's market has a good selection at fair prices, also with excellent service. HIghlights include in-house cooked meals for two; deli, meat counter plus butcher services. A tad weak on produce.

        In warm weather, the outdoor service at Pete's on the patio is like Paris in Fairmount, if a tad noisier! Surprise--Pete's has a vintage liquor license, although I have no clue about wine selection.

      2. Our favorite restaurants in this area:

        L'Oca, Fairmount Ave around 20th. One of the best Italian restaurants in the city.
        BYOB. Small, casual.
        Umai, 22nd and Brandywine. Exquisite Japanese food. BYOB. Expensive, worth it.
        Figs, 25th St. near Aspen (?) . Mediterranean, etc. Heard that their brunch is good,
        too. BYOB.
        As Bashful said, Little Pete's is terrific value for the money. Diner type food,
        always fresh, always busy. No atmosphere, just eat. Outside is good.

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          this is a great thread. i think there should be a discussion thread for every neighborhood! i often recognize names of places, but i don't always realize how convenient a place may be to another place i'm visiting. (i.e. naked chocolate to my eye doctor)
          anyway, i'm very interested in this area in particular because i rarely go there since it's not that convenient to use public transit from my place.

          one place where i was recently very happy with was the belgian cafe. i had a french toast that oddly didn't come with syrup (but i discovered didn't need it) and a mimosa with belgian beer instead of sparkling wine. it totally works, and is delicious!

        2. Not to hijack this thread, but what about lunch spots? I work nearby but never seem to know where to go

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            I like Zorba's for lunch and dinner. Their salads are reasonable and good: their grilled meat is excellent!

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              Garden Fresh on Fairmount Ave. (diagonally across from London) makes excellent hoagies. They use the same style rolls (if not from the same baker) as the sub shops at the shore (White House, Sack 'o subs, etc.) of which I am a big fan and they slice the meat at the time of your order. I'm particularly partial to their roast beef hoagie. They also have decent prepared foods, the best of which IMO is their mac and cheese.

            2. Overall, I think the quality of restaurants in Fairmount is poor. A lot of places that are similar and have moderate food. I would say Fig's is the best. Bridgid's is also good, lots of belgian beer and moderate prices.

              I would have to disagree about Bishop's Colar: they have terrible food and a really frat-ish environment. I am not sure how it is possible to screw up brunch, but they managed to serve bad eggs and bacon!

              Hope this helps.

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                I completely 2nd this. The only restaurant I like in the area is St Stephen's Green. When my boyfriend lived in the area we always traveled to eat, either to Chinatown, Center City or Northern Liberties. Restaurants that let me down in the area are L'Oca, Trio, Rembrandt's, London Grill, Bishop's Collar and Aspen. I have not tried Fig's or Bridgid's.

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                  i was astounded at the quality an price of the food at Bridgid's. Great little place

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                    Do they offer vegetarian options? I wasn't sure...