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Mar 29, 2008 09:39 AM

best way to store citrus??

What is the best way to store citrus fruit for longevity? No matter what I do, mine always seems to dry up and get tough on the outside. Should I keep it in the fridge? On the table? High, low humidity in the cooler? In or out of a bag?

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  1. Mines last longer in the fridge out of the plastic bag which promotes mold.

    1. How long are you trying to keep them for? They'll be fine for a few weeks on the table.

      Otherwise, loose in the veg bin will keep them from molding, but they'll dry out. I usually find that putting them in a plastic grocery bag (not tied up) in a shelf on the refrigerator allows them to last for as long as it takes to eat all of them.

      1. I have faced this for a few months as my friend's navel orange tree was producing softball sized juicy delights, and now my dad's tangerine tree is at the point where the tree draws back the juice if you don't pick it. I have had success storing them on my shaded front porch which does not go below maybe 45 degrees or over 75. The fridge I find tends to draw out moisture.

        1. Wrapped in paper towels or even newsprint in ziplock bags in the veggie bins of your refrigerator - should work for about 3 months.