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Mar 29, 2008 09:22 AM

Le Provencal Mamaroneck?

Any reviews on this restaurant. Is it kid friendly? My BIL made ressies there for my MIL's bday and he does not have kids and we do :)


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  1. It is a lovely restaurant. Have never had a bad meal there. Once when an entree was delayed, the house bought our drinks as an apology. I would not think of it as a spot for kids, unless they have fairly sophisticated palates. We have taken our teenagers there and they love it, but they love good food and a nice dining experience.

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      My BIL said when making the ressie and he mentioned kids the person taking the ressie said there was a kids menu. But, my kids always find something to eat even if just soup or a salad.


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        We've been a couple of times with my son. He's 6 now, so probably 4 and 5. He scarfed down half of my husband's lentil soup appetizer and for his entree enjoyed my steak and my husband's roasted duck with port wine sauce. I don't remember what he had for dessert, but he was pretty happy with that, too. The staff was lovely to him. Note that he knows how to sit and behave in a restaurant. He doesn't wander, he's not noisy and he's reasonably neat. I think it's fine for kids if they have decent restaurant manners and can cope with grown up food. I didn't even know they had a children's menu, so I have no idea what's on it.

        Oh, yes. And my husband and I really like the food, too.

    2. I've been there quite a few times. They've gotten some negative reviews here but I've always enjoyed my visit. Good atmosphere. Good service. Pretty good bistro style dishes. Largest foie gras portions in the area!

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        Their onion tart is delish. I can't say I've ever had a bad meal there.

        As marcia2 said, any kids with decent restaurant manners would do fine there.

      2. I can’t say enough about the tastiness and variety of the food at this restaurant. It is a low key gem with a very pleasant and attentive staff. I have never ever been disappointed. As for children, it is quite rare to see them there. Good mannered children can be welcomed anywhere but since this doesn’t seem like a kid’s restaurant, I think diners should take that into consideration.