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Mar 29, 2008 09:19 AM


A very tiny take-out thai place recently opened on Gerrard just E of Sumach. Peeked in the other day and decided to give it a try. Ordered the "Royal" pad thai - made with tamarind vs. ketchup (though they do have this version available as well), mango salad and duck spring rolls. Took about 10 minutes to get my order - staff was warm and welcoming. I thought the quality was really good - very fresh and light. The Pad thai was different (more traditional?) than many I've had in Toronto, cleaner tasting somehow. I could really taste the mint and corriander in the dish. Loved the mango salad - though I wished it were a tad spicier. Duck rolls were a bit pricey at 7.99 for three, but were non-greasy, crunchy and had a nice smoky flavour. I get more food for the money at my normal go-to thai restaurant, but I suspect the quality was a bit better here..I'd go back for sure! They also do delivery..not sure if they have a website yet.

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  1. Seconded. Haven't been to the restaurant yet but we've had delivery from them twice (the first time was just after they'd opened and didn't have a driver yet, so the very charming owner delivered the food in person). Food was beautifully done, high quality stuff - especially considering delivery doesn't usually showcase a restaurant's food in the best possible conditions.

    1. If anyone knows of a website for them, please let us know! I'm always looking for new delivery and I'd probably be within their range.

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        It's a franchise, presumably the menu is the same for all of them -

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          I don't know if this is the website - there is no mention of 2 of the items I ordered (duck rolls and royal pad thai), on the hard-copy menu I had, they did not use the little chile peppers to show level of spicy-ness so not sure if this is indeed the same place (or maybe menu is just not updated??)

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            Not the same place...note the spelling difference, the dashes in "Thai-to-Go". Google it, no website yet but it's Googlemapped. Close to Leslieville so I'll try it soon.

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          I went in there the other day after reviewing this link and I must say the food is very good. I ordered the vegetarian pad thai and the vegetarian spicy noodle. With tax, both dishes came up to $20.32. Their menu states that they have a website, but the link doesn't work. So here's a copy of the menu - hopefully I can attach this .... Try this place (this isn't an eat-in place - take out or delivery only). It's a really really really friendly place (owners and customers)!

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            Darn, I just checked to see if the menu attached, but it didn't ... even though I clicked "attached photo". If someone tells me how to upload this scanned page, I can try posting it later. And yes, the page is less than 2MB.

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              Hmmm... 2 MB might violate limits on here, unfortunately :(. Might I recommend putting it on a site like RapidShare and posting a link to it? I for one would be absolutely thrilled to see it!

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                Ok, I think I was able to upload it onto RapidShare (I'm not the most technology savviest person in the world). But this "should" be the link:
                If this doesn't work, just give me your e-mail address and I'll e-mail you the attachment.

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                  Fantastic! Thanks so much for this.

                  I love how they give a significant discount if you bring your own food containers to encourage environmentalism. I wish that more places did this.

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              I have checked the link ( and it works perfectly on my end... very nice website I must say. It is great to have the menu online.

          2. Thanks for the tip, I can make this part of a homeward journey when I don't feel like cooking.

            Do you know (roughly) their delivery area?

            1. After reading this post, we tried this place and were generally pleased with our food. We've already ordered from them twice. The first time, we were disappointed with the beef in our red curry, but the panang curry with chicken which was much better.

              I also love the papaya salad which had an authentic dressing and real dried shrimp topping. Very good! It's now our go-to thai delivery. Thanks for the recommendation!

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                  I've never been there, but we just ordered from Thai2Go this week. Still like the royal pad thai. The penang sauce is good, but I find they're skimpy with beef.

              1. This is actually my favourite Thai in the city. Have had it a few times and it's always excellent. A friend lives very close so we went to pick up the order once. The location is basically a counter in front of a kitchen with a couple of small tables with menus and local papers and flyers scattered on them. It's really designed as a take-out or delivery operation, I couldn't imagine eating there. Once they had a sweet and sour chicken special..which was veryflavourful Thai spiced and much less gloppy version of the old school North American Chineese version we know and love.