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Mar 29, 2008 09:18 AM

Columbia graduation dinner

We will have a group of 14 on May 16th and I have procrastinated getting reservations after our daughter's graduation. I love Sycamore, but I'm worried it will be too loud for the Grandmas to be able to hear conversation. Any other suggestions of restaurants that do a good job with large groups and have the type of menus that would compare to Sycamore?

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  1. Well, graduation weekend is usually loud. Restaurants are going to be at their most crowded everywhere in town. I think that a place that takes reservations would be a better bet than a place that doesn't, so if Sycamore takes reservations that would probably be a good bet.

    I've never made a direct comparison, but I would think the Wine Cellar and Bistro on Cherry Street ( would be a quieter alternative. It is smaller and it also has carpeted floors, which might help absorb background noise. I've never been there for dinner, though.

    You might also try Abigail's in Rocheport and the Les Bourgeois bistro.

    If you're looking for quiet, I'd avoid Murry's and Sophia's. They have good food, and are local favorites, but can be very noisy. Some people might recommend Grand Cru, but I've heard the food there is horrible.

    1. We had a large grad group and had pretty good luck at Chris McD's. They take reservations. Better hurry. And rweater is right, Murrys and Sophias are loud. And Grand Cru is not so grand. Although if Sycamore will seat you in the front, the noise will not be a problem.