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Mar 29, 2008 08:32 AM

Recipe for Callahan's cheddar cheese salad dressing? (Moved fr New England Board)

Do any of you remember a restaurant called Callahan's in Newton? If you do would you happen to have their recipe for a salad dressing made with cheddar cheese. Ty

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  1. Did you ever get the recipe? I got a job there during lunches to find out how to make the dressing in 1972 or 73. The rolls were terrific also. I gained some weight since I would just dip the rolls in the dressing. I had my own bowl BTW. The recipe was a very well kept secret so I never found out. When they started selling it I bought some and couldn't replicate it. Then they closed, boo. Do you know why they closed? Occasionally I do a search in hopes of finding it and I found this today.