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Help on Dinner in the Queen Ann area of Seattle

I made a post eariler on what to get out our upcoming trip to Seattle. Thanks!

I now have to add a slight update. We are meeting some friends for dinner before the Springsteen show and we need a mid scale place for 7 not too far from the Key arena.

Any ideas,

Thanks again!

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  1. MOXIE..just up the street from Key Arena or UPTOWN CHINA...just down the street from Key Arena (both walking distance)

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      Buckley's is walking distance - pub style, reliable food. Call ahead, b/c they could be busy due to basketball. They will get you in and out in time for the concert.

      Via Tribunali on top of QA is a worthwile stop. Amazing neopolitan style pizza. Would have to drive from there to the Key, but only about a mile. I guess you could walk - it is downhill! Again, call ahead they are busy, even early, but definatley worth it!

    2. tworeally good restaurants on top of the hill are Betty and How to Cook a Wolf. I odn't think Wolf takes reservations though. you would probably have to repark form these places. every place will be crowded becaus eof the concert. there's Tup Tim Thai and Crow on lower Queen Anne.

      1. Dinner on top of QA, at any of the places already shared, would be my preference. I would park there and take a cab to the show. Wish I'd one that the last time we attended the theater.

        1. If you want walking distance to Key Arena, I would go to Moxie. If you just want to be near Key Arena, I would go to Portage - on the top of Queen Anne.

          1. I would also suggest Moxie. Killer food and you're not going to get gouged.

            1. Panos Kleftiko, on 5th, 2 blocks North of Mercer.
              It's small, so call early to arrange.

              366 Roy St Mediterranean Kitchen - Farmer's Dish = garlic chx wings - yum
              When you oder this, or any other entree, they will allow you to buy a mezza tray. In fact, that is a great meal for 2.

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                Med Kitchen is no more.

                Best damn lentil soup in the city. *sniffcry*

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                  No more?
                  Say it ain't so... (waaah....)
                  That mezza tray had one of the few tabouli's I've had in these waters that was not of the hippy-dippy bulgher variety, but mostly parsley and lemon - yum. I think they had a Bellevue location, but never knew where it was. Because they are pretty sharp about tenants, I'd guess Crossroads first...

              2. I also vote for Betty and How To Cook a Wolf if you want a nice, chowhoundy meal - and don't mind driving up the hill, and then back down after. If you wanna park and walk to dinner and then the Key: good Indian at Roti, good burgers at Buckley's. For dive-bar-delicious grilled cheese or an open faced hot turkey and mashers - Mecca!

                1. We were just up in SEA last week and had a very nice meal at How To Cook and would definitely recommend, particularly their pastas. That said, unless you go very early or very late the chance of scoring a table that will seat 7 seems pretty far fetched, they don't take reservations and are very popular.

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                    A friend and I tried to get a table for two tonight at 6pm and there was already an hour wait. Very small space. Strong appetites sent us elsewhere but I'll try to hit it in the future at the 5pm opening time.