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Mar 29, 2008 08:16 AM

Where to find Haribo Goldbaren??

I'm trying to locate a retailer in NYC that sells Haribo Goldbaren, a Haribo gummi bear product imported from Germany that does not have artificial colors or flavors.
Anyone seen these around or have some suggestions for German food stores where I could look? I've been to or called the big candy retailers (Economy Candy, Dylan's) and have contacted the specialty german food stores that I know of (namely, Schaller and Weber).

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  1. They sell them at Fairway, and I've seen them at other random places, but I definitely remember buying them at Fairway about a month ago.

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    1. haribo goldbaren are sold at the manhattan fruit exchange at the Chelsea Market - 9th ave and 15th street. they have all the different haribo varieties - gummy bears, happy cola, frogs, etc. You can also buy haribo on amazon

      1. Are the ones packaged in English under the name Haribo Gold Bears different from the German language ones?

        1. Nels, any luck or an update on finding your bears?

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            The update is that I didn't have any luck. Tragic, I know.

            The take-away of my search is that Gold-bears are -- no big suprise -- easy to come by. German Goldbaren, not so much. Sigh.

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              I randomly see Haribo candies at my local Pioneer along with Wick's, Mozartkugel and various other German candies.

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                  Pioneer is a chain of supermarkets located primarily uptown. There is one 2 blocks away from Fairway.