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Mar 29, 2008 08:07 AM

Eating in Varadero, Cuba (moved from Ontario)

Although i have a package deal - all meals & booze, i probably will want to try other places during my one week stay.

Am mostly interested in good seafood spots around the town of Varadero where my hotel is located.

Anyone been there, and what jewels did you find.


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  1. From what I remember...

    You can get some really smooth ice cream at Coppelia in Varadero.

    Bodeguita del Medio is a great restaurant in Havana, this is where Hemingway used to go to I believe. Cuisine is cuban/creole.

    Also if you walk around the city, you should be able to spot quite a few Paladares which are home run restaurants, small venues with some really good authentic cuban cuisine.

    El Patio is great for coffee and drinks, the food not so much (but i havent eaten there)

    If you're in havana at night, go to el floridita for some good cocktails.

    La Divina Pastora has some decent food and some great great shoreline views

    Parrillada La carabena (sp?) has really good cuban meats and a lively night crowd

    hope that helps

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    1. re: Suresh

      Thanks for your response, but not planning on visiting Havana.

      Plan on only crusing around Varadero.l