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Mar 29, 2008 07:34 AM

shanghai next week???

my sister has been in beijing for the last two weeks on a teaching exchange program...she will be in shanghai next week staying on nanjing west road across from the jing an temple..the internet access is down on the campus where she is staying and asked me to post far i have sent her other chowhound posts regardng beijing and they were very helpful..thanks for any suggestions

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  1. There is a Shanghai restaurant chain 上海人家 that has a branch near Jingan. It is modern style of traditional Shanghai dishes; I had lunch there a few times, and I think it is quite good. Click for address and other details :

    There have been many threads written about dining scene in Shanghai. I suggest your sister to go through them first, and then narrow down to her interest . These are some of the threads I have participated about Shanghai scene in the past: