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Mar 29, 2008 07:20 AM

Jibarra, Raleigh

Does anybody has any info about this place? Type of food,prices, ambiance, etc.?

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    Though it has been a while since I have gone, I recall liking the food, but thinking the portions were small for the price-point. I'd be interested to hear what others say.

    The bar drinks are quite tasty and innovative.

    1. the brunch here is one of the triangle best kept secrets, wonderful spins on huevos rancheros i think are the highlights there. I've never been for lunch or dinner, though.

      1. The food is inventive and very good - "neuvo" Mexican, I guess. I was pretty impressed with everything I ate - except a she-crab soup with "butter quenelle", basically hot soup poured over a lump of butter, which was mouth-puckeringly salty and so rich I couldn't finish it, even though I ordered it as an entree. My Mexican caesar salad was pretty good. The atmosphere and service are fairly formal, and the prices are pretty high (especially since, as Tehema noted, the portions are fine-dining size and thus you'll probably want multiple courses). The service is definitely good, if a little bit precious. Nice lounge-y bar, with some inventive cocktails and of course a long tequila menu.

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          Thanks so much to every body for your info!!

        2. I've been to Jibarra a few times. I recommend anyone try are their queso fundido and cochinita pibil. Both are deconstructed versions of classic Mexican dishes.

          For an entree, I had goat, cooked sous-vide served with potato confit, guacamole, chunky salsa. The sous vide sealed in all the flavor. It was really interesting and delicious at the same time.

          They could use a better beer selection that just the Mexican lagers they carry. I'd like to see a few more locals that can pair with the cuisine more easily.

          1. Jibarra - this is one of our top 10 restaurants in Raleigh, NC. The food is alway outstanding and very innovative. This is not your typical mexican restaurant. If you are looking for TexMex, don't go here. You will be disappointed. If you are looking for great food and service and something different with a south american twist, give it a try. The soups are outstanding - they are all oustanding. For something different at a mexican restaurant check out the lamb shank or any of the seafood dishes.

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              After listening to the different opinions, I decided to try it a few nights ago. I was prepared for not exactly the best. I had a very nice surprise!! This is a restaurant that is different of anything you may find. Very inventive food, well prepared, with a good presentation, nice service and not that expensive for the place and the type of food. This is no Taco place.
              Portions are not that small and you can do with an appetizer and a main entree.
              We were three, we got three appetizers (Flautas de Conejo Asado, Sampler of 4 Cebiches and Queso Fundido), three main dishes ( Cochinita Pibil, Almejas y Pulpo al Ajillo and Tacos de Pescado al Pastor) and I got an extra, the Crema Negra soup.
              I wasn't very happy with the Cebiches. I thought they laked flavor and acidity. The rest, all above normal, specially the Tacos de Pescado and the Crema Negra.
              The weak point, in my opinion was the wine list. Not too much variety, nor quality and pricey. Instead we had Negra Modelo.
              Total damage, not including tip, $130.
              Spending most of my time in Europe, specially Spain , I can say that this type of meal would have costed, there, in the area of 50/60 Euros per person.
              In any case I appreciate the info received and plan to return as soon as I get back to Raleigh.
              Thanks every body!