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Mar 29, 2008 06:52 AM

Tasting menu for Monday night?

Can you recommend any places that do their tasting menus on Monday nights?

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  1. Ten Tables in JP has the $25 4 course vegetarian
    Oleana has the 7 course vegetarian
    Ashmont Grill's Monday Night Wine Club is 4 courses with wine for $30
    L'Espalier does Wine Mondays for $55

    1. Four ideas:

      No 9 Park - French and Italian, very good food and wine, superb cocktails and service

      Clio - French with Asian accents, probably the edgiest tasting menu in Boston (for better or worse), with some glimmers of food science techniques

      L'Espalier - the most formal restaurant in town lets its hair down a bit with Wine Mondays, a $60 prix fixe for food and wine. 3/31 is Burgundy.

      Ten Tables - the best value in Boston fine dining, this small restaurant in JP offers a nightly four course vegetarian tasting menu for $25

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        If you want to do a Wine Monday at L'Espalier, do plan ahead. I called in about 4 weeks ago and the first opening they had was for April 21.