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Mar 29, 2008 06:48 AM

Handmade Matzo in Toronto

Anyone know where you can source handmade matzo locally? I had some last Passover that a guest brought from New York and it was in another league compared with packaged matzo.

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  1. Most of the large supremarkets with kosher departments will carry "shmura" matzoh before Passover. Try the Sobey's on Clark between Bathurst and Yonge. It will be packaged in large flat boxes and labelled "shmura" and will cost, oh I don't know, maybe $15 for a box. These round matzohs are handmade - don't remember where. Maybe Israel, maybe NY. You should wait a couple of weeks, though, before looking. The stores are only now starting to stock their Passover groceries.

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        If you want to order it privately, at $19.50 a pound, there is an elderly Lubavitch Rabbi, Rabbi Aronov in the Bathurst and Lawrence area that brings it in from New York (Boro Park Bakery). We bought it last year, there were no broken pieces, the matzos very well done and we all loved it and thought it was the best shmura matzo we had ever had. Maybe it is that infamous New York water! I picked up our order today so I know Shmura Matzo has surfaced in Toronto for Passover 2008.

        There is a local kosher matzo factory where the Jewish school kids do tours, but I am not sure where it is. I am sure the Chabad-Lubavitch people can help you out with both sources.

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          When my kids were little they did the matzoh factory tour. It's not a real factory, but just a demonstration factory where, if my memory serves, they kids can do their own matzoh in real time according to the strictest laws possible. It was fun but I don't think it's, like, a commercial bakery. It's at the Chabad Lubavitch Centre on, what? Chabad Gate off Bathurst north of Steeles. Not sure that you can just walk in - maybe have to book ahead.

    1. I always see shmura matzoh at the Dominion at Lawrence Plaza every year.

      1. I called around a few places and found out that you can also pre-order from a New York source, at Seforim Warehouse (416 789 1311). They offer two kinds. One is chewy (I wonder if this is pita-like), at $19.50/lb. The other is, I guess crispy and lighter, $22/lb. Both are available in white or whole wheat. Deliveries are on Wednesdays, and you need to order in advance.