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Mar 29, 2008 06:28 AM

Review: Cluck, Grunt & Low

I gave the place a try out of desperation for decent BBQ. I had read some positive comments about their pulled pork despite the overwhelming negative reviews. The negative reviews proved spot on.

The pulled pork was mushy and tasteless. They claimed that it had cole slaw on it, but this consisted of 3 shreds of cabbage. I also had the dirty rice (what's that got to do with BBQ, anyway?) just to try something different. It was a thimble size serving or relatively tasteless blah.

My wife had the brisket, which had a very unpleasant artificial taste. The only good part of the meal was an ear of roasted corn on the cob. At $4 for a lousy ear of corn, it had better be good.

Even by Toronto standards, this place is very poor BBQ.

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  1. The hype or lack thereof of this place is getting more tiring than their pulled pork sandwich.

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    1. re: MindGrinder

      I agree... atleast around my inner circle and this board.

      Can't say I'm surprised.

    2. The people of toronto will eat anything. CGL sucks bad.

      1. O.k. I'm going back to try the pulled-pork again. I've been recommending it---after four attempts over several months as my favourite in Toronto. If the pork goes down well after a fifth experiment, I am simply going to accept that views on this subject can differ wildly.

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        1. re: mstacey42

          Have you ever had real pulled pork? Served on a paper plate in the deep south with white bread to sop up the sauce? Pork still warm from the smoker that you can smell because its RIGHT THERE. CGL's pork is crap, I wish it were different but its not.

          1. re: Ender

            And Thai food in Thailand is better then Thai food here, and Chinese food in China is better then in Toronto and Picking an apple off a tree and eating it in the feild taste better then one that has been in a truck for a week.. but I do not think we can afford to hop a plane everytime we have a craving.. so compare it to something in the GTA as that would be useful to people here looking for pulled pork...

            1. re: OnDaGo

              There really is no reason, though, why Toronto couldn't have good pulled pork. Chinese and Thai would be more difficult due to ingredient availability caused by lack of demand, but it doesn't strike me that the necessities to make excellent pulled pork are unaccessible here.

              1. re: vorpal

                I would bet you it would be easier to get good chinese ingredients in Toronto stores then southern ingredients.... we have a whole "Chinatown" well actuall 3 of them.. and ZERO "Southerntowns"... plus how many southern chefs do you find in Toronto vs Chinese chefs?

                1. re: OnDaGo

                  You might well be right. I don't have much experience with traditional Chinese food. I do know when it comes to Thai food that while there's quite an extensive selection of ingredients (definitely suitable for my purposes), there are probably some dishes I will never be able to prepare in the traditional way from Canada.

            2. re: Ender

              Perhaps after my inevitable trip to the Carolinas for a gastro-binge of all local variants of pulled-pork, I may change my tune about the seeming acceptability of CGL's sandwiches. (This doesn't strike me as an impossibility as I remember vividly the experience of realizing just how comparatively terrible all the pastrami and smoked meat I'd ever had in Toronto was while biting into my first Schwartz's sandwich). If this is case, however, then the judgement of inadequacy is one that must be leveled against all Toronto pulled-porks---rather than simply CGL's.

              1. re: mstacey42

                coleslaw completely tasteless. . didnt mind the PP sandwich.

            3. re: mstacey42

              I'm going go back for a fix soon. I have had great pulled pork in the south and it's not quite as amazing as that, but was still really good and best in the city. I can't imagine it's that inconsistant but I havn't been back there since December.

            4. As I've said before and I'll say again. Quit wasting your time and money on the poseurs and go to Camp 31.