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Mar 29, 2008 06:23 AM

Non-Duck King Fung?

I've been in the mood for King Fung lately, but I want to break out of the rut I'm in. I always order scallion pancakes, and brisket chow foon or shanghai chow mein. It's delicious, but I want to try more of the menu. I wasn't really a fan of the peking ravioli or the peking duck. (I know, blasphemous! But the first course was fatty and not crisp, the second course was mostly bean sprouts and all 3 courses were overly bland.) So what else should I try? Or should I just stay in my rut and continue eating delicious noodles? Which would certainly not be the worst thing in the world...


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  1. I really enjoyed the wonton noodle soup I had there for lunch this week. Not exactly a revelation, but the broth had a nice depth and the noodles were just right.

    1. The hon sue (sp?) beef is to die for.

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        I used to make a special trip for the hon sue beef, but recently it has been erratic - once charred beyond edible and the next time super-sticky sweet, but when it's right, it is unbeatable.

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          I think the hon sue lamb is even better.

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            what is hong sue lamb, is it the one that comes with bean curd sheets? and with dried fruits?
            Yum yum at Chinatown eatery, they call it Lamb with dried bean curd.

        2. The first course of the duck skin can be erratic in its crispiness. When it's on, it's amazing but if not crispy enough it tastes like pure fat and not in a good way. I love their peking ravioli - I can eat about 20 on my own.

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            Dax- I knew there couldn't be more than one Dax on CHOW. It's Leah.

            PS. I love their potstickers...

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              Hey Leah, great to see you on chowhound! Drop me a line sometime at