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Mar 29, 2008 05:03 AM

Calypso Sauce

Does anyone know where to get Calypso sauce within an hour of Boston? I had been getting at Christina's, but they no longer have it.

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  1. Matouk's brand Calypso is carried at the Hi-Lo in JP (on Centre St in Hyde Square), and at Baby Nat's fruit market near the intersection of Walk Hill and American Legion Hwy.

    I think I may have seen it at the Whole Foods in Fenway too, but am not sure about that one.

    1. Stop&Shop in Somerville (McGrath Hway) has it and three other varieties of Matouks.

      1. Matouk's used to be more widely available in supermarkets, but its less so (I don't see it much at Market Basket and Shaw's is carrying another product at twice the price). In addition to the other suggestions, try La Internacional in Union Sq, but get the smaller bottles on the shelf as the old bottles have been there since the ages and they just got a new batch in. HiLo also has great turnover (and was the first place I bought it). $2.98 or so....

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          As usual, chowhound comes through. I had seen posts on the Somerville Stop and Shop on chowhound, but had never been there. Not only did I find Calypso sauce, I spent about 20 minutes in the international food section alone. Thanks chow.