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Mar 29, 2008 02:43 AM

Late night/24 hours in Pinellas county

2nd post- any recommendations for 24 hour restaurants anywhere in Pinellas county? I know there are some Waffle Houses and Denny's, but I'm hoping there may be something more.
Any diners? Chinese? Taco stands? Hot dog joints?
I'm a night owl, usually working late/swing/graveyard shifts.
Anywhere from Dunedin to St Pete would be good, because I'm right in the middle, by Largo. Nothing here but McD's.

Also, anybody know where to get a monster pastrami sandwich nearby?


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  1. The original comment has been removed
      1. re: bigpaul5

        The only place I know of is Vito and Michael's Pizza out on St. Pete Beach. It's open until 3 every night except Sunday and they make good pizza. The Greek place next to Jannus Landing is open until 2 some nights but it may only be when there's a big concert going on.

        1. re: jeff6806

          Thanks, Jeff. Appreciate the tip.
          No 24 hour diners, huh?
          It sounds like this definitely isn't the city that never sleeps.
          Is there late night stuff in the Tampa area?

          1. re: bigpaul5

            Mema's Alaskan Tacos in Ybor is open til 1am regular nights and 3am weekends. Three Coins Diner in Seminole Heights is open super-late, even later on weekends.

      2. Paul,

        The only one I know of is the Village Inn. And it is only open 24 hrs. on Friday and Saturday I think. Best to check each location first.



        1. Bigpaul 5 - Nothing is coming to mind on either side of the bridge. I know the Fly Bar in downtown Tampa is open till 1 am
          and Ceviche's down in downtown St. Pete

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          1. re: dmfnole

            The Pita Pit in Tampa is a late night option. Some nights it's open until 4 am.

          2. Try Kristina's Cafe, 3590 34th St. (also known as US 19 !). Open 24 hours, this is a great greek diner, clean, with good food. Breakfast is best - 24 hrs. Just had a Greek Omelette, 3 eggs, spinach, feta, tomatoes. Nice home fries, well buttered -real butter- toast.