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Mar 29, 2008 01:48 AM

Miller's East Coast West

I revisited MIller's today for Pastrami, the first time back after being disappointed several years ago. I always wondered what people liked about this place after I tried there pastrami the first time. It was really bland and nothing special at all. Apparently they have changed their source several times and have settled on a good one... well I liked it anyway. It wasn't hand carved or anything but the slices weren't to thin, it had good fat content and it was nice and flavorful with a hint of smokiness. I really liked it, I would recommend it to anyone in search of legitimate pastrami in the Bay Area, which we all know is pretty hard to come by.

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  1. Ah ... I should scroll the boards ... didn't see this before posting

    OK, this is a case where it can't be chalked up to an off day. I was there yesterday also and wasn't impressed with the pastrami. I thought it lacked flavor.

    However, I did like Miller's in general and thought the pickle was fantastic ... they get them from Sunshine Valley which is located in the Central Valley.

    The restaurant was sold in 2004 to the owner of Miller's Deli on the East Coast. IMO, I think they are going for quality, despite the disappointment with the pastrami.

    Miller's East Coast Deli
    1725 Polk St, San Francisco, CA 94109

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    1. re: rworange

      and I just had the "mushiest" corned beef sandwich...just corned beef integrity to the slices...big disappointment....

      1. re: ChowFun_derek

        So, chowfun if I am jones for a great east coast deli where do I have to go. Las Vegas is too far away.

        1. re: yimster

          At this moment in present day Bay Area...that is a good far I have been disappointed with the corned beef sandwiches (although Westlake Joe's does a terrific Corned Beef and cabbage/potato thursday special)...which is closer... L.A. (I hear good things about Langers) or Las Vegas ? (a Carnegie Deli I think..)
          I'm just saving my pizza, Deli, and smoked fish/bagel cravings for a trip back to my Home Land!
          I'm just grateful for Bay Area Asian Cuisine!

          1. re: yimster

            I had been planning to go to Langer's when I was in LA earlier this month, but after having the great though untraditional pastrami sandwich at Wood Tavern in Oakland, I dropped it from the list.

            1. re: Robert Lauriston

              Explain "untraditional" you've piqued my interest and my appetite!

              1. re: ChowFun_derek

                You might want to hold off on reading this until tomorrow, since Wood tavern is not open for lunch on Sunday:


                1. re: Robert Lauriston

                  Could I help myself! No! It sounds great, and I can probably get it without cheese....

      2. Try Tommy's Joint on Van Ness and Geary. Thick sliced before your eyes...