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Mar 28, 2008 10:23 PM

Which Sub at Bhann Mi Thi Thi,Calgary?

I would like to go over and try a sub at the "famous" Bhann Mi Thi Thi across from Harry Hays Bldg in Calgary, as now I work very close to it. Could you tell me what you actually order there that is good??, I have searched the board and no one has actually said what subs they order, and what your particular favorites are?
Thanks Much

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  1. I used to be addicted to the Satay Chicken, but my favorite over last summer's stint in Calgary was definitely the Satay Rib. Oh man I want one of those so badly. You cannot even imagine the cravings I get for Thi Thi out here in Vancouver.

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    1. re: peter.v

      Thanks Peter, Those sound delicious - I will definetely try, too bad you are so far away to get your craving fix

      1. re: eyelovefood

        Haha, I know. Fortunately, I'm back again this summer with another contract, so I'll be making my regular trips to the wonderful folks at Thi Thi. I should mention, the Satay subs are Vietnamese mayo, cheese, satay meat (beef, chicken or pork rib), lightly pickled and julienned cucumbers, carrots and onions, lots of cilantro and then some whole chili peppers and what I imagine is a fish sauce of sorts all on a crisp toasted baguette. I'm not sure if different sandwiches have different amounts of peppers or if the fellow who runs the joint cranks up your tolerance after awhile. I know my first time I just got one chili cut up over the sandwich but by the end of the summer I was having 3 whole ones!

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          Wow that sounds really tasty ,I love hot and spicy, and you can put fish sauce on anything and I'll LOVE it. Thanks again for your input!! much appreciate it. I'm glad you can get your fix soon, you're chili heat tolerance is enviable!

          1. re: peter.v

            Pretty sure it's maggi sauce, not fish sauce. But incredibly delicious regardless- and I've found the original location is better than the one on 8th Ave by the Uptown, tho 8th has indoor seating and much better hours.

            1. re: John Manzo

              That would make a lot more sense John! Thanks for the correction. I was thinking maybe I had it wrong...

      2. I don't think they make a bad one....first it was the beef satay..then the Satay Rib lately it's been the Satay Chicken. My kids love the club subs and I like the vegetarian with lots of cilantro.

        1. I love all of them... satay beef, satay chicken, but my favourite is the "assorted." It's not for the faint of heart because it's pretty much mystery meat (some pate, pork slices as far as I can identify)...

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            Don't forget about the Vietnamese Head Cheese! :)

            Personally I love anything sate and anything peppered there. Sate chicken, beef, rib. Peppered chicken, beef, rib.

            Speaking of which, I was just there yesterday for a sate chicken and a sate rib.

            1. re: alau2

              If you've tried the Satays then try the assorted. I know lots of ppl who enjoy it the best from Thi Thi.

            2. Rib is definitely the most popular, but I find that they often run out of the ribs by early afternoon, so if you go for that maybe try to beat the lunch rush. I never get out of work for Lunch until 12:30 and I am often out of luck by then. My backup is the Beef Satay.

              1. What's the actual address of this place? I did a search but didn't get any results.

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                1. re: mcmuffin

                  Bahn Mi Thi Thi Vietnamese Sub 209 – 1 Street S.E. (403) 265 5452
                  Sorry I spelled it wrong in my original post.
                  Thankyou everyone for your answers, I am going to try them all, my mouth is watering just reading your descriptions! I think this is going to be my new favorite place for lunch,Thanks again All!

                  1. re: eyelovefood

                    Awesome - thank you. Will be heading there this week. Can't wait!

                    1. re: mcmuffin

                      If you like warm meat, the satays and peppered are your best bets (i like the satay better than the pepper).

                      My favorite subs are assorted, and club. They are cold meats though. But yum yum good.

                    2. re: eyelovefood

                      Sorry- you spelled it wrong again- it's "Banh Mi."