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Mar 28, 2008 10:15 PM

NYT Berkeley article

Another "unfit to print" article in the NYT about Berkeley [and Oakland]:
students running off hangovers along the steep hills.

Food recs:: O Chame, International Ave, Berkeley Bowl, Berkeley Farmer's Market,
East Bay Vivarium [just kidding], Cole Coffee, Sketch Ice Cream, Blakes ... sort of.

It seems like every few years the NYT sends somebody out to walk
up and down Telegraph ave and then write ridiculous cliched things.
At least they didnt talk about buying pot in People Park this time.
"Students rarely visit the site unless they are seeking LSD or a ''lid'' of marijuana."

As Brad DeLong would say "New York Times Death Spiral Watch".

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  1. So, at 5:00pm he's at Moe's, he goes down to 4th St. to dinner at O Chame at 8, then he goes back to southside to the Pacific Film Archive at 10pm -- which, among other things, suggests that he rushed through his dinner. The next day he also goes up into the hills in the morning, then down to the flats, back to 4th St. to go to the vivarium, and then back up the hill to Indian Rock later in the day. He finishes by taking his third trip to southside. Then the next day he goes back to 4th St. yet again. I don't think he planned his itinerary very well.

    1. I could have done without the cliche "hipsters with Blackberries" and I've never seen a manicured poodle in Berkeley, but as a non-Berkeley restaurant and sometime visitor, I was happy to learn about Cole Coffee and I thought the other suggestions were decent. They certainly skipped a lot of food destinations (Shattuck, Schaffenberger, etc.) but it was more about the whole experience than just food.

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      1. re: Chowpatty

        My dog plays with several manicured poodles at the MLK schoolyard. Granted, one of them is really a Rockridge resident...

      2. And where, oh where are the editors: "The best views on campus aren’t from the 10-story Evans Hall, but from Indian Rock Park. Wedged in a residential neighborhood along the city’s northeast,..." So the best view on campus is not on campus? And anyway, the best view on campus is from the campanile (duh!), while the best view in Berkeley is probably from the deck of the Lawrence Hall of Science.

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        1. re: Ruth Lafler

          Oh good catch ... I missed that one. I was thinking about all the broken glass
          scattered around Indian Rock last time I was there (eating my proscuitto
          sandwich ... ObFoodConnection). And was that a typo for Telegraph or
          University Ave in the second sentence, claiming College Ave as the "main drag"?

          And you do have to wonder why the authorwent out of his way to mention Evans 10
          rather than the Campanille ... maybe the author just used Google Earth + Google
          Street View to "research" the ariticle :-)

          I find this "false exotic" writing really irritating ... even a boring-but-reasonable-
          advice article [go to chez panisse, chesseboard, oliveto] would be better than poor
          research masquerading as impressionistic opinion ... this crossed the line from
          idiosyncrasy to idiocy.

          I do wonder if there will be a noticeable spike in O Chame's business now that
          they've been touched by the Times.

          ok tnx.

          1. re: psb

            Yeah, this kind of writing just goes to show how provincial a lot of NYers really are. OMG!!! There's a world beyond the Hudson!!!! And there are things there that a kinda cute and interesting. Not as cool as NY, of course, but if you have a few spare hours it might be enough to entertain you.

            1. re: Ruth Lafler

              Hmm, I thought it was more reflective of the NYT arrogance than NYC
              provincialism. Might have been interesting to get the NYT opinion on
              Arinell v Goia v Sky Pie.

        2. Funny, I just read that on the NYT web.'s all fantasy travel stuff. It's obviously Sunday morning coffee silliness in the same way no one in their right mind would fly cross country from NYC and spends only 36 hours (46+ w/ air time) in a place. The people who write this also write the stuff for Rachel Ray's weekend travel show.