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Mar 28, 2008 09:44 PM

Solare-Liberty Station, San Diego

I went to Solare yesterday with a friend and my nine year old daughter. The place is beautiful, and the food was very good. However, on entering, we were left standing in the entrance and we waited to be seated for a good five minutes, which was VERY annoying, as we made eye contact with four people and NONE of them made a move towards us or signaled the appropriate person to seat us. We were there for the beginning of lunch, so it was not that they were busy...only two other tables were seated.
Also, we had to ask for the bread, and had to ask three times for the olive oil and balsamic which others got with thier bread the first time!
My daughter ordered gnocchi and asked that it just be dressed with butter, however we were told this modification could not be made, and she was served the gnocchi/asparagas dish described on the menu, which she did not like. We remained amazingly polite throughout the meal, however the waitress had a serious attitude.
The food was above average, tho. I watched the chef make my spinach ravioli as he rolled the pasta dough and cut the ravioli behind the glass "display" counter.
I guess I'll give them another chance as they are in the 'hood, but the service needs some serious work!

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  1. Redeux--Went back today at the invitation of a friend--again the food was great from start to finish--BUT service is still a D- !!!! Had to ask for bread three times, they never refilled our iced tea, even after a request. No spoon was brought with the soup, and it was cool before we could flag someone down...everyone was friendly this time, but still slow and spotty service. Has anyone else been in? The restaurant itself is lovely...

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      Went to Solare for dinner on Saturday night. There were no service issues, in fact, the service was excellent and professional. We were impressed with the food as well and had a lovely evening.
      There was an elegant blonde woman who seemed to be in charge. DH and I suspected she is the owner, that she has been checking this board for feedback. I hope the service at lunchtime has improved by now.