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Mar 28, 2008 09:23 PM

Burger King's new "Whopper Bar"

I'll be the first to volunteer to be the designated driver for this trip to the Whopper Bar ...

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  1. As far as the target "limited space" market, it might work. Offering only "Whoppers" will be a pretty major limitation though. The advantage would be filling orders <30 seconds - patties being made continually, thrown on a bun with ready-made toppings. If they could achieve near-instant service, I would stop there during an airport layover in a hurry...

    There's no mention of saving time in the article at all though! Burger King seems to have limited success at everything they've tried marketing-wise for the past 20 years. In my town the local franchise went out of business about 8 years ago and around a dozen were closed, nearly all of them. Eventually, a new franchisee re-opened them, but there's the same slow service and empty lots & drive-thrus. I've been to 2 locations in the past year and waited nearly 5 minutes both times. The nearest few McDonald's and Wendy's I've been to in the past year had my order ready as soon as I handed the money to them at the drive-thru window. I had to wait around 1:30 at Hardee's, but that burger beats Burger King hands down.

    They mention chrome and brick and hanging light fixtures and plasma TVs with pictures of fires but say they don't want to offer anything upscale like "lattes"? lol

    Anyway, that said -- if I get there before you do, I'll "pimp" my whopper and report back! I want mine ANGRY!

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      They had the "angry whopper" in Germany when I was there in October, and presumably other parts of Europe. As far as I could tell it had jalapenos, and not "spicy onion sauce," but I didn't try one. Fun name though.