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Mar 28, 2008 09:16 PM

Venetian Hotel (vegas) wedding reception restaurant

My son will be married at the Venetian Hotel in Vegas in mid August. We are asking for your restaurant suggestions at the Venetion for a reception. There will (I think) about 30 people, including a few pre-teens. My son and his future wife want want a fun place, more relaxed atmosphere where people can really have a good time. They don't want to be in a private room. I realize there are some marvelous restaurants at the Hotel, just not sure if there is one that would fit their requirements. Thanks to all for your help.

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  1. I personally like Pinot Brasserie. I've eaten there 4 times, excellent food and service all-around. The food is casual French, but far from hoity-toity snooty.

    The hotel has -so- may places to eat, over 18 in the Venetian, and at least another 10 in the Palazzo. Tao is very relaxed- perhaps too relaxed, and I don't find an especially good value. The 3 Italian places there are all good, the best atmostphere is tied between Zefferino's and Canaletto's. Zefferino's is overlooking the canal (you hear the condaliers singing every 5 minutes or so!) and is nice. Canaletto's is good, but is mainly seafood-based. The "outdoor" seating is in the St. Mark's Square, and lots of fun.

    I know Pinot -will- do small private parties and receptions. They were one of my top 2 picks for my own wedding reception. The staff was very nice, and willing to work with me for a great meal. I just wanted to spend more $$ on other things for my guests for the wedding day, so I went with my other off-Strip choice. Still good, but part of me wishes I had tried Pinot.

    Good luck!

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      Linda, is there some reason why your son does not want to be in a private room? I'm looking at it from a restauranteur's point of view...30 people!...a wedding has lots of toasts, speeches, table hopping...I'm not sure I would want that in my main dining room disturbing my other guests.

      If you can't find anything at the Venetian, I'm pretty sure Maggiano's across the street at the Fashion Mall has very nice private rooms and does a nice group dinner.

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        30 people having dinner "together" in the main dining room of a restaurant is no good for any of the players involved. The guests are disgruntled because the time it takes to be served, not to mention the time lapse between when guest 1 gets their dinner and guest 30 gets their dinner ( the kitchen, when trying to put out quality food, can only prepare so many dinners at once ). Thus the entire party suffers. The time it takes to serve that many people "together" is not worth it for the business. The restaurant would rather serve 5 six-tops or 15 deuces any day of the week ( especially weekends ) and twice on Sunday. The group wants to have a good time ( which I'm sure means mingling, toasts, never all being seated at once - have fun delivering the food ... ) but don't mind disturbing everyone else dining in the restaurant at the same time?

        All that being said - you should be realistic in securing a private room. Bouchon has a private dining room that seats up to 50 ( so 30 should fit comfortably ) and you all can have the time of your lives. Be as loud as you want, mingle, have a food fight, etc. Not to mention the great food and beautiful surroundings.

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          I appreciate everyone's response; that's why I love this forum. I was posting based on what my son "thinks" he wants. I had not thought of the private room idea from your perspective and I totally agree. We're just not familiar with the restaurants at the Venetian. I'm passing along all of your good information for them to make their decision, but this is what I'm looking for--all your comments, ideas and suggestions. Thanks to everyone for taking the time to post.

    2. Canaletto has some private areas that are not too isolated, which might give the vibe that your son and his bride-to-be are looking for. The prices are fair, and the menu is also not bad for some pre-teens.

      1. I completely understand the dilemma (going through it, too). My groom-to-be and I will be married at the Venetian in September. I inquired about reception accommodations several months back, and the representative told me that on-site receptions are available. She told me to check out the menus of the restaurants at the Venetian (under "Dining," click on "Dining at a Glance," and you'll see a scope of the restaurants; by clicking on restaurant names, you can see a PDF of menus [and prices!!]). Now, I’m not sure whether the restaurants simply cater a reception in the private rooms in the Venetian hotel OR if the restaurants have private rooms in which they cater (as many restaurants do, which generally makes a number of 30 manageable b/ they often put more than 1 server on a party of that size). My fiancé and I are thinking heavy hors d’oeuvres for our reception to keep the cost down, so a restaurant setting would not be conducive to our reception wants (as we would be ordering appetizers—albeit a large volume). Hope this helps!

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          We are getting married at the Venetian on April 23.

          Have you thought about Cafe Baba Reeba? It is a Tapas restaurant across the Strip from the Venetian in the Fashion Show mall. It would be great for the kind of reception you are planning, and the food gets excellent reviews.

          1. re: maestrette

            That's a wonderful idea (my fiancé will love it). I will look into this option. Thanks!

        2. Hi Linda,

          My Fiancee and I just had a three day stay in Vegas, looking into reservations we had made 3 months ago for our reception. We booked our small 36 person reception at Canaletto in their private Murano room. We wanted to look at the room in person while visitng Vegas for our marriage licence and meeting with the photographer. Basically a weekend of wedding planning. I have been in contact with Kelly the banquet manager at canaletto since March. Kelly has been great in making me feel relaxed about our special day and evening. We were originally looking at a smaller room 24, but we needed a few more chairs and Kelly offered the larger room. Smart on her part because now we have added more people. Anyway we chose Canaletto because it was one of the only restaurants that did not charge a room fee. Canaletto requires you to chose from three different menus starting at $51.00 per person for fish or chicken, salad, pasta, fresh bread, and tiramisu for desert. Drinks and coffee are not included but soda refills are free. I loved that the Venetian is such a beautiful property and this place is also offordable with pretty good review. We also ate at the restaurant over the weekend and it was very good. The service was decent for a busy night and the wine list is also very good. The room we have also has two balcony's overlooking the square. Further, there is volume control in the room, so you have music when you want it and you can turn it off when the best man is making a toast. This room is not confining at all and is equipped with a bar just outside the door, there are restrooms upstairs, and an elevator. The view is amazing and the entertainment is free. We really weighed this out, and for a small gathering this is the spot in our opinion. I am glad to come back to this site in Oct 2009 and let you know how it turns out.