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Mar 28, 2008 08:36 PM

Any restaurants worth visiting in the Kings Plaza/Flatbush area (BK)?

So I've been going back and forth to Brooklyn- Flatbush/Kings Plaza for the past 4 years... and I must admit- the food selection there SUCKS. The place near by that we frequent is "Fivo's Diner," but as for restaurants, I haven't come across any. Fivo's is pretty good, but I can't eat there so many times a week. Any ideas? I need good food! Thanksss!

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  1. Not sure, but isn't Mill Basin deli close.

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    1. re: landshark

      Nick's Lobster is good seafood. West on Ave. U is Brennan&Carr, Jay & Lloyd Deli and Turkish across the street. Also there's a crab place (Ranchers??) on Flatbush that's supposed to be good.

      1. re: Barry Strugatz

        I agree with you Nicks is good sea food & Brennan & Carr I love the roast beef sandwhich dunked in the home made beef broth

    2. I had a pretty good meal at Atlantic Nature recently--note that it's Kosher, so closed on Saturday:

      I'm not sure how far you wish to venture, but Michael's on Ave R is very solid:

      Note that they are very busy for lunch on Sunday.

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      1. re: David W

        I'd agree with Barry's recc of Jay and Lloyd's (Jewish style) Deli and David's recc of Michael's on Ave R. (Solid Italian food) Very different types of food. Both good choices. There is also a relaxed, neighborhood pub (The name escapes me) on the corner of Ave S and Nostrand Ave.
        When I am in that area, I always try to stop at the Deli on the corner of the Belt P'kway and Knapp St (Across from the Motor Inn) I think it may just be called the Knapp St Deli. They have a great self serve hot (Amer & Chinese)and cold buffet, priced per lb. They also make great sandwiches and have every sort of beverage imaginable. Whenever I go to a meeting in that area, I always have the best lunch :-}

        1. re: Tay

          I believe that's Buckley's on the corner of S and Nostrand.
          I hear very good food, haven't gottent there myself.

      2. I thought I'd update this thread with the following-La Villa in the Key Food shopping center at Ave U and E 66th - it's an offshoot of a Park Slope spot, with the identical menu -

        The space is nice, with booths and tables, and good service. We had the tre colori salad and the organic baby green salad, both huge, and the Margherita pizza, and a few glasses of decent wine - the pizza is way better than most pizza joints and we found it quite good overall...not worth a trip, but if you're looking for someplace in the area, I'd recommend it.

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        1. re: David W

          Another visit to La Villa- the eggplant parmigiana is a real winner, as was the cavatelli with bolognese sauce...and the salad can be easily shared. This is a really nice place, especially in an area not exactly bursting with options.

          1. re: David W

            To set the record straight, that's the original La Villa...the Park Slope one is a johnny-come-lately. And yes, the Mill Basin Deli is still very open!

          2. Michaels on Ave R and Nostrand is a pretty good upscale restaurant - expensive.
            They have been there forever.
            If you go - there is a small store next to it which makes handmade chocolate - forgot the name.

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            1. re: mike in brooklyn

              that would be Jo-Mart, very nice family run place. I hit that up whenever I go to the mall.