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Mar 28, 2008 08:06 PM

Hong Kong Solo recs?

Hello all, I will be visiting Hong Kong for 5 nights. I will be travelling by myself and have never been to Hong Kong. I will be staying on the Hong Kong Island side and was wondering if anyone could give me recommendations for good places that are good for solo travellers. I am planning on doing one night at robuchon since it is so perfect by yourself with the bar but would really love other recs where I won't feel weird eating by myself.

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  1. Boca is a tapas bar on Peel/Elgin St...excellent wines and tapas, and sweet Nepali staff...i've eaten at the bar there every time i've been in HK and always felt happy and welcomed...i recommend the crabcakes and the lamb meatballs and the garlic mushrooms...

    i also recently ate at Carriana Chiu Chow in Wanchai...and while it's as bright and not-geared-to-solo-diners as any other big Chinese place, the owner seemed delighted by a solo Westerner eating there and took great pains to pick out dishes, chat w/ me, etc...sliced goose in vinegar and other Chiu Chow standards were all tasty...(if you want to try this cuisine while in HK, i started another Chiu Chow in HK specific thread and several chowhounds posted excellent recs of special dishes -- the favorite seems to be Pak Loh in Causeway Bay, which i also tried and liked)...

    1. One of my favorite places when dining alone is the Landmark Cafe in Central. It's a large, comfortable bistro-like eatery poised over the large atrium of the elegant Landmark shopping mall. Landmark Cafe serves a good selection of Western dishes (very good sandwiches, pastas) and excellent HK-Cantonese food - try the fried rice with egg-white & dried scallops, it's divine.

      Another good place I'd recommend is the Mandarin Grill at the Mandarin Oriental Hotel, also in Central (not to be confused with with its sister hotel, Landmark Mandarin Oriental). The Mandarin Grill had been an old stalwart of casual dining in Hk for decades, but had undergone an extensive renovation recently & now looked brighter & better. It also has an excellent dining counter-cum-bar. My favorite dish there used to be spaghetinni with vodka-cream sauce & caviar - the Grill's new incarnation does not have it on the menu anymore - but the maitre'd tell me that, if you call a day ahead, they can prepare the dish especially for you.

      1. Another Chow has posted similar question a few months ago. You may want to read his thread. Click below :

        1. Do you like Shanghai soup dumplings, siu lung bao? (Xiao Long Bao) Because the number one chain of Shanghai dumpling places, Din Tai Fung, just opened a new branch in Hong Kong in Tsim Sha Tsui. It's drawing big crowds and there are lines, but--here's the interesting thing--if you don't mind sharing a table, and you come by yourself, you actually have an advantage. The other afternoon, as a solo diner, I just walked right in, bypassing a long line of hopefuls.

          Their dumplings are delicious, probably the best in Hong Kong. Perfect size, perfect skin--not too thick but not so thin that they break when you pick them up with your chopsticks. Delicious broth, fragrant meat.

          Din Tai Fung is on the third floor of the Silvercord Building at 30 Canton Road in TST. (Silvercord is across the street from the Harbour Plaza shopping mall).

          1. depends on your budget, but chinnery bar at the mandarin oriental is ace - it's old world, probably the most expensive pub grub you'll ever have, but it doesn't disappoint, and you can easily catch a bite on your own there, just don't go before 7 when all the execs have having after work drinks. agree with klyeoh that mandarin grill is good too.