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Kitchen renovation tips?

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We'll be renovating our kitchen soon. We'll have at least a week with various appliances disconnected and moved around, dust everywhere, etc. We'll demo the old peninsula, put down new flooring, and build/install the new peninsula. It's a tiny kitchen/house so we won't be able to move the appliances out of the kitchen, just shuffle them around and do the floor in phases. We've already pulled up some of the old floor tiles and my husband is building some of the cabinetry. Any great tips to make it go as smoothly as possible?

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  1. I am sure you'll get lots of help from this place if you feel like posting your question there:

    1. Find a good marriage counselor because your project is going to take more than a week. Far, far more than a week...

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        And if the marriage counselor also happens to be a contractor specializing in kitchen renovations, so much the better.

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          We know it will take much more than a week, it already has...I meant that appliances would be inaccessible at least a week. We've already replaced two windows (one with a mahogany garden window designed and built by my husband), the radiator, replaced the cabinet over the stove (also custom-built by my husband) bringing the exhaust fan up to code, and a counter top to go over the front load washer and dryer. We've had the ash slab for the eating bar under the futon for a couple years and have now lined up someone to custom mill that. We bought the sink and faucet, tiles for backsplash, and paint last July on tax-free day. We bought the new garbage disposal the previous year on tax-free day. We've been doing various other renovations over the intervening time. Our house is so small that lumber has to be cut in the living room so that it can be moved to the basement.

        2. Thought I'd provide a little update on our kitchen renovation. We're still on good terms and my husband mentioned that we're eating as well as usual. Washer, dryer, dishwasher, stove, and kitchen sink were disconnected this past Thursday. We've been playing musical appliances (sometimes blocking the microwave) during demo and while working on the floor (pulling up old, putting down new). We've been able to keep the fridge plugged in with an extension cord. I made the following ahead: veg stew, chipotle cornbread, black beans, garbanzos, blueberry muffins, peanut butter chocolate cupcakes, peanut butter cookies, and zucchini/tahini bread. On the available corner of the dining room table I've managed to make Israeli Salad and peppermint fudge. We had corn chips with prepared hummus and dolmas from TJs today for lunch.

          My husband likes oj with pulp, I like mine without so we quickly decided that we can drink from the cartons to reduce dishes. When we can we share the bowl of whatever we're having. I bought a package of eco-friendly paper plates but we haven't opened it yet. We have use a few paper cups.

          1. Onr thing we FORGOT! We're tall.........I'm 6'1", my wife is 5' 10"....our kids are even taller. Most countertops were designed for our grandparents. So, now, I lean over to slice and dice...........I can definitely feel it now that I"m in my late 50's. Think about your height when re-designing

            1. yes, consider where you put the dishwasher - do you prefer to fill it from the left or right of your sink.

              a long stretch of counter top for prep, so many kitchens break up the space with the cooker and sink and don't leave enough space to roll pastry etc.

              plenty of electric socks along the counter wall. You never know where you will plug in those appliances.

              personally I prefer a sink that is enclosed by the counter top so you can wipe up straight into the sink with no lip to catch all those crumbs.

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                smartie, good point about the counterspace. I'm looking at houses and its so hard to find a counter that does not have the sink or oven directly "centered". Who cares, give me my counter space!!

              2. Congratulations!

                We are just finishing up a kitchen reno. We started back in March (at the least the Ikea cabinets were delivered then). My husband is doing the work himself - he's retired - and he said it would take until September. I thought he was joking! Well, it's now August 22 and he's probably still got 2 weeks of work to do.

                We didn't change the actual footprint, although we went with a cooktop and wall oven, so the oven is on a different wall. But other than that, it's basically the same footprint. We have a lot more cabinets.

                It's been a huge job - I can't wait until he's finished everything. We were only 2 or 3 weeks without a sink - that was the worst part, since we have a small house with only 1 bathroom and it's upstairs. We bought a hot plate - that was handy, although it took a long time to heat up. Microwave and barbecue were used a lot! Fridge was moved into the dining room.

                We had so much stuff in the living room and dining room that it was literally an obstacle course. Still a lot of dust, but I am loving the results!

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                  You have captured the essence of remodeling---dust, clutter, and inconveniece. But it will soon be over and you most surely will be pleased with the results and will never even think about the trials and tribulations in getting there. Enjoy it!