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Mar 28, 2008 07:04 PM

Earth Hour dining

I know alot of us are planning on sitting in the dark between 8 and 9pm tomorow, but will anyone be dining out that night?
JKWB is planing to switch to Bullfrog energy,(sustainable energy sources) for the evening, and I believe Cafe Taste always runs on Bullfrog.
Any other places doing something for Earth Hour?

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  1. The Spoke Club will be turning off all their lights for the hour. Patrons will have to dine by candlelight. They are also offering a primarily organic menu within a 200km limit I believe.

    1. Rosewater is also doing a special dinner - 60.00pp for 3-4 courses I think - with the lights off and candles everywhere..sounds nice in theory

      1. We are going out for dinner during that time. Won't give away the place as I don't want any of you hounding it down before we get there!

        1. Toula at the top of the Weston Harbour Castle is doing a lights out and special menu thing, they've been promoting it like crazy.

          1 Harbour Square, Toronto, ON M5J 1A6, CA

          1. i had a friend who was at insomnia during a power outage, and they served grilled food by candlelight...just another though