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Earth Hour dining

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I know alot of us are planning on sitting in the dark between 8 and 9pm tomorow, but will anyone be dining out that night?
JKWB is planing to switch to Bullfrog energy,(sustainable energy sources) for the evening, and I believe Cafe Taste always runs on Bullfrog.
Any other places doing something for Earth Hour?

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  1. The Spoke Club will be turning off all their lights for the hour. Patrons will have to dine by candlelight. They are also offering a primarily organic menu within a 200km limit I believe.

    1. Rosewater is also doing a special dinner - 60.00pp for 3-4 courses I think - with the lights off and candles everywhere..sounds nice in theory

      1. We are going out for dinner during that time. Won't give away the place as I don't want any of you hounding it down before we get there!

        1. Toula at the top of the Weston Harbour Castle is doing a lights out and special menu thing, they've been promoting it like crazy.

          1 Harbour Square, Toronto, ON M5J 1A6, CA

          1. i had a friend who was at insomnia during a power outage, and they served grilled food by candlelight...just another though

            1. 8 of us ventured to 360 at the top of the CN tower. The lights were dimmed, heating reduced and other energy saving interventions deployed. The view was incredible. You could see that the city core had turned off quite a bit of the usual lighting. Dinner was a different story however when you dine in a tourist venue - it is to be expected. It was an enjoyable night.