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Mar 28, 2008 06:58 PM

Recommendations in the 6th - April

My husband and I will be in Paris for a week in April--staying in the 6th Arrondissement--it's my second trip (17 years ago), his first. We're looking for tasty, not-too-expensive meals, maybe one splurge. Open to anything--our French is minimal, but I know lots of food words and am not afraid to try speaking . . . All recommendations welcome!

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  1. Ze Kitchen Galerie. Prix fixe lunch and dinner 3 courses for 36 euros. Sophisticated contemporary food (some Asian fusion leaning), attentive service (if a bit attitudinal), casual contemporary atmosphere. I think it is one of the best buys in Paris.

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      Thanks, very much. I'll add it to my list.

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        Be careful about the prix fixe dinner, phoebek. We ate at ZKG in February, and our menu did not include what I thought was going to be a moderately priced meal. I don't know if it was an oversight or the menu has been changed. Do ask about their policy when you book the table to be sure you get the good deal. We found the food unusual and interesting, but I would venture out of the 6th and/or try some other spots. We had a better feeling about L'Epi Dupin a few years ago. Rotisserie D'En Face (very close to ZKG) is also a good spot.

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          Thanks for the caveat, zuriga1. Our hotel is in the 6th, and it's always good to have a few recommendations in the immediate area. But we'll definitely be doing a lot of sightseeing and wandering around other neighborhoods!

    2. Our apartment for our visit to the 6th was on Mabillon across from the marche. There are at least three "good" restaurants on Mabillon, our favorite was the Italian place, but our hostess likes the fish place...ok..., and our favorite in that area was ...***A Chinese Restaurant!!*** Le Canton, 5 rue Gozlin, a short street off St Germaine, is great!!! The soups are wonderful...try the shrimp thing... and the scallop special was very good with a sancere. We eat there on every trip! They are open on Monday, but not on Sunday, which is tough to find and the bill doesn't break the bank. The owner was our server at the Italian place on Mabillon and he was a real treat. He couldn't speak English and I can't speak French or Italian or much Spanish and we got along just fine! The food is above good and not expensive. Their pizzas are fantastic! This place is open Sunday, but NOT on Monday.The bakery next door is also special. I ate stuff from there for breakfast for 10 days and could move next door in a heart beat. Have fun!!! We will be in the 5th on this trip starting this coming Thursday for 10 days. We like to move around and try new neighborhoods.

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        Hychka, thanks so much, especially for recommending something open on Sunday! Hope you have a wonderful trip.

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          You might also like Le Dome du Marais. For a moderately priced restaurant, it is not only exceptionally elegant, the food is delicious and interesting. The decor is interesting because it was originally an auction room and is round with a very high domed ceiling. It has been magnificently restored with elaborate gilding. Also, L'Os a Moelle in the 15th is worth a metro ride for a 5-course prix fixe at 36 euros. Simple bistro atmosphere with updated classic cooking.

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            Thanks for these two recs. We're happy to travel outside the 6th for good food.

      2. I like Bastide de l'Odeon. There are also a bunch of old-timey traditional bistros in the 6me not too far from Blvd St. Michel I don't remember all their names, but we have enjoyed meals in lots of them over the years.

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          Thanks. It sounds like we certainly won't starve! What are prices like at Bastide de l'Odeon?

        2. In the 6th arrondissement ou might try l'Atelier du Maitre Albert. They are well known for their roast chicken.
          Their website:

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            Looks good. What about Les Bouquinistes? They have a very reasonable lunch menu.

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              We used to love LB for dinner but the a la carte menu has become overpriced. The lunch prix fixe, however, is a very good deal.