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Mar 28, 2008 06:56 PM

I like Sushi but my friends don't - Westchester

I like Sushi, but my friends don't. Does anyone have any suggestions of resturants in Westchester that serves Sushi plus non sushi (other than Franks) ? Added Bonus would be if it was trendy too.

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  1. I have 2 suggestions. Fujinoya in Hartsdale is a Japanese restaurant that serves cooked food as well as sushi and although is small, is very good quality.

    A fun trendy restaurant is Tengda in Katonah. They have an extensive pan-asian menu and a great lively environment. If you go, try the honey wasabi tuna (sushi)appetizer. It's one of my faves.

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      yeah i second Fujinoya, although its not trendy at all. I just had some sushi there last night and it is SOOOO fresh. It was really really good... Their cooked food is also delicious!

      my boyfriend and i have the same issue... i LOVE sushi but he doesn't. So Fujinoya is always a good compromise!

    2. franks is garbage.........either hit up tengda (i like the greenwich location).......or you might like asian temptation in white plains.........i think it'll fit the bill of what you're looking for......

      1. Doesn't X20 in Yonkers have a sushi menu + lots of other stuff? Haven't been, but have been primed to go since it opened

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          There's always the Oriental Diner on 9A across from the Hawthorne movie complex. They serve both Chinese and Japanese food. Definitely not trendy tho.

        2. What about Eastchester Fish Gourmet?

          1. Haiku in Bronxville has very good sushi and lots of other Asian goodies for both appetizers and mains...

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              Gonna get flack for this... Asian Temptation on Mamaroneck Ave. in WP. Also, Water Moon on Purchase Street in Rye.

              1. re: Dim Sum Diva

                Thanks so much for all of the great advice. I think I am going to try Asian Temptation.