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Mar 28, 2008 06:24 PM

Best Caribbean Supermarkets in Bronx for Saturday am and

get a bite for lunch Authentic Jerk and Supermarketing for callaloo, saltfish, ackee, breadfuit, porridge, fresh fish, oxtails, etc? I want a very very CLEAN Supermarket with very very fresh meats, fish etc. Please tell me where the market is and the places to eat lunch and when I say Authentic Jerk I want it made on a Real outside Grill. HELP, I am coming on 95 from CT and I know Conner Street very well but I want all secret places and the addresses please. THANK YOU Also if anything in New Rochelle let me know alo.

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  1. Jackie's -1203 E 233rd St, Bronx, NY 10466 (bakery, patties)
    The Feeding Tree - 892 Gerard Ave # 161, Bronx, NY 10452 (jerk, patties, etc)

    Folks working at these two places might be able to direct you to a grocer.

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      The Feeding Tree has delicious jerk but alas it's been years since it's been made on an outside grill. Not too far away from there is the Concourse Bakery, which makes their own baked goods, and has fantastic (though super greasy) spicy carrot cake: I prefer the jerk chicken at the Feeding Tree. Neither place will get you ackee, breadfuit, etc.

      1. re: rose water

        there is a small bodega on kingsbridge road and jerome (it is over K.R, one block west of the elevated station) that carries breadfruit (but in my opinion the breadfruit in nyc is never in good condition, i never buy it here), you could also find there nice salted fish (go for the Gaspe), ackee (the dont always carry it, just ask them). if you're interested they also carry jobos, malanga, yautia amarilla, apio and ├▒ame. for oxtail, there are several butcher shops with oxtail in the area, just ask around, oxtail is easy to find. there is also a bodega on bway and 231 with nice oxtail but i ve bought good oxtail near the K.R. bodega so you wouldnt need to travel much for that, just ask there where is the nearest carniceria with good rabo.

    2. Surprised there's been no mention of the shops along White Plains Road between
      E 233rd street and E 242nd street. There are several fruit and vegetable stands there, and the neighborhood supermarkets are also well stocked with Caribbean foods. Most of the residents in that part of the Bronx are from the Caribbean and they shop locally because they can. : ) If your needs are met, no need to travel far I suppose.