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Mar 28, 2008 06:15 PM

Lively restaurants, ok for toddler?

Visiting for a quick weekend with our 3 year old. He's a good restaurant-goer, especially with our friend the video ipod.
We've had great experiences at Rose Pistola, but this time considering Salt House and Laiola. Are these loud enough? Doesn't need to be crazy noisy, it's not that, we just need to avoid shushy white tablecloth scenarios if you know what I mean. Just something kinda lively.
Oh yeah, mom needs an interesting cocktail menu, I'm interested in Alembic. Can I take the youngster here to start, at 5:30 or so? Or is it too much of a bar, not enough of a restaurant?
Thanks, and please do add any other suggestions! We'll be staying at Tomo, but very able to travel.

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  1. I have found both Zuni and Nopa to be lively enough to keep anyone from noticing a toddler, when my brother comes to visit with my nephew.

    1. The littl'uns in this current thread are older than yours but might be helpful if you haven't checked it out yet

      1. Sorry, Alembic is definitely too much of a bar, even at 5:30, for a little guy. Great place for a date night without him, though, if you get the chance sometime.

        1. I can't help you with the specific restaurants as I am new to town but coincidentally just read the following article in the SF Chronicle about kids dinning in restaurants in town and how the businesses are adapting to it: