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Tasty Soup at Yum Cha (Chinatown)

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I happened to be in Chinatown at about quarter to five yesterday, and stopped by Yum Cha hoping to pick up on any leftover dregs of dim sum. Unsurprisingly, they were out. They offered me congee, which I accepted, but it turned out they were out of that too. I declined their offer of noodle soup, promised to return another day, and started to leave.

A middle-aged Chinese customer with long, stringy hair cornered me as I was on the way out. "Hey, have you ever had sweet rice dumplings?" I admitted that I hadn't, so he called back to the kitchen and arranged a bowl for me. I paid my three bucks and sat down to wait.

What arrived was a brobdignagian bowl of rich pork broth, packed with little chips of pork, tiny shrimp, chunks of turnip, topped with a scattering of scallion. Lurking under the surface were fifteen or twenty little balls of sweet rice paste, like glutinous Jell-o, that tasted like they should be on a dessert cart somewhere.

It was a fabulous bowl of soup...but I have forgotten the name. I'm fairly certain it wasn't on the menu on the wall. Does anyone know what this dish is called?

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  1. That soup sounds really really good. I wish I had some right now. Thanks for the post.

    1. Leftover soup?

      Isn't that like the Chinese equivalent of "Surprise Meat" on a Friday lunch menu at the student cafeteria?

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        If your student cafeteria served sweet rice dumplings, then I envy you.