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Mar 28, 2008 05:19 PM

Finger Food Using Imitation Crab?

Hi All,

I have a ton of imitation crab in the freezer (from a recent california roll night) and would like to use it up for a party I'm going to this weekend...Ideally, I'm looking for an appetizer or finger food...

Any help would be greatly appreciated! ~

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    1. re: CDouglas

      I remember going to this breakfast restaurant called the frog pond. One of the breakfast dishes was an english muffin with a topping of imitation crab mixed in cream cheese then broiled. It was real tasty. You could do something along those same lines with little french bread rounds.

    2. I sometimes make a really good "krab" salad, just mayo, lime juice, a little minced green onion, cilantro and celery, and a couple dashes of Tabasco. If the crab is chopped pretty fine, it would be a perfect spread for thin slices of baquette, toasted or not, or tostaditos (or whatever they call those little round tortilla chips).

      1. Imitation crab fried won tons. Mix chopped crab with cream cheese, jalapenos, cilantro or whatever you have handy, stuff into won ton skins and deep fry. Sounds weird but is very tasty.

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        1. re: mochi mochi

          Don't do that to your friends. There isn't much you can do with "krab" short of pulverizing it into a dip with cream cheese and sour cream. And even then...

          1. re: mochi mochi

            Cream cheese and imitation crab are so underappreciated! Crab rangoon is always popular whenever I'm in the mood to deep fry a few appetizers.

            1. re: JungMann

              Thanks, JungMann. Never knew what they were called. As with you, I enjoy it as do my friends.

          2. I'd make crab cakes with a flavorful salsa (corn and/or black bean with some sweet heat to it) to try and mask the "imitation" factor, or maybe mini-quiches with smoky ingredients (bacon/ham/sausage and smoked cheddar). If you (and your eaters) don't mind the taste of imitation crab, wraps (pinwheels) with avocado and cream cheese are common, as are dips.

            1. I mix it with scallions, wasabi, pickled ginger, sriracha and minced celery. Then I either roll it up like sushi (I call it semi-sushi) or spread it on matzo.