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Current list of Rafiqi Halal Carts in NYC?

While waiting for my chicken and rice platter from the Rafiqi cart at 8th and Broadway today, the vendor mentioned that there are 18 Rafiqi carts around the city?

Where are the rest of them? Anyone (besides Rafiqi) have a list somewhere?


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  1. at least a couple are on park avenue south, 15th st on the SW corner and 23rd on the NE side. i've seen one around just north of 42nd near grand central between park and lex.

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    1. I can recall one at 43rd and 5th and one at 40th between Park and Madison

      1. There's one on 5th ave, in front of the New School building at 65 Fifth (btw. 13th and 14th).

        1. There's one outside of the Grand Central passageway on 47th and Madison.

          1. One on 7th> and 28th or 29th. One just off 7th and 3st or 32nd. Does anyone know of any other carts around there? Rafiqi's is cheap, but at least those 2 carts are very bland.

            1. I saw one today on 6th Avenue and 19th Street.

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                and also sixth at either 24th or 25th -- was coming from a doc's visit, so not totally focused.

              2. 9th St. and Broadway.

                Gotta love the Rafiqi's hot sauce!

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                    I find it to be marginal. The chicken is kind of bland and mushy. The lamb is your typical gyro. Some people seem to really like it. There also seems to be some quality variance from stand to stand.

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                      i've heard the original rafiqis is good (i forget which one is the original one), but generally i find them to be pretty mediocre amongst the street vendors as the meat can be dry and not that flavorful, the gyro is ok, but alot of times its been overcooked (i.e. its just been sitting around). It can vary as the jdf's poster from cart to cart

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                        The best thing to get is the chicken and lamb combo. The chicken is very flavorful (I don't know what the commenters below got, but if it was Rafiqi's it has flava), and the lamb is very juicy and flavorful as well.

                        Sometimes if you go too early the lamb can be undercooked. It should be browned to get the full flavor.

                        Get the hot sauce, it is made by them (not tabasco as you get at other vendors) and it's excellent.

                      2. Is the 8th street location fare-weather only? I went by today and it was gone. Because it is really cold? Or just a Saturday?