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Mar 28, 2008 03:38 PM

Suggestions for an upcoming trip to Philly..

hey party people...a couple of friends and I are gonna drive down from the city to see the Kahlo Exhibit and stay for 2 nights in Philly. I haven't been in a while...what's new on the food scene? if anyone has a couple of good restaurant suggestions that would be great! also feel free to throw in any kind of food suggestions...thank you!!!

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  1. Not sure what you're looking for but a few fun places for a group (in no particular order) are: Tria, Tinto, Amada, Monk's (for amazing Belgian beer selection), North Third.

    1. For a "what's happening" kind of place with excellent Greek seafood, don't miss Estia.

      1. totally agree with everything mentioned so far (well, except monk's, which i only personally can't recommend YET because i haven't been there!). i just had an amaaaaazing meal at tinto - though it wasn't cheap. and you should certainly have reservations for that place. the interior is SO cute and every piece of food i had was just excellent - the fish and the cheese dishes in particular. the bartender made some excellent recs to me, as i was the first person in the restaurant for the dinner service and ate at the bar alone, so he was able to spend a few minutes answering all my questions and describing it all. after i took his advice, the place filled up, and people started asking me what i was getting, so they could order the same! definitely beautiful, delicious food.

        after my own visit to kahlo on friday we went to smile cafe (thai, BYO, 22+chestnut) which was pretty darn good thai food - though i think i still prefer nearby erawan at 23+sansom. though it's worth mentioning that smile cafe is filled (packed) with artwork painted by our server. really great artwork - our table of 4 very different, distinctive tastes all really enjoyed it - and are even thinking about buying some of the pieces!

        directly in the art museum vicinity - there's a current thread about the fairmount neighborhood with some more local recs. both places i mention above are in the rittenhouse area, a good 10-15 min walk, though it is a pretty walk. anyway, since you mention you're staying 2 days i guess there are other meals to be had, but anyone visiting the phila area should know to check out both the reading terminal market and chinatown. where are you staying/how are you getting around/what's your price range/favorite foods?

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          we haven't made hotel res yet cuz we r still trying to nail down the dates we r going..we are getting around by walking/public transportation..far walks are not a problem for us, living in nyc I walk everywhere so I don't mind, price range is really not an issue, except of course we are not planning on doing a chefs tasting at someplace like Daniel but other than that we are all in the industry and we eat everything...for me its all about the food and about going places in philly that best represent how awesome the food scene if that means cheaper or more expensive its no matter :))) thanks again to all who respond!

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            As soon as you make your reservation let us know, that will effect our reccomendations. Philadelphia isn't a small city...

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              Lots of hotels (and good eats) exist in Center City and the Rittenhouse area that are a 20 minute walk (or less) to the museum. Center City also has buses that run to the museum every 15 minutes or so from Market St. in front of the Lowe's or Marriott and cabs galore. Just don't book anything in like Chestnut Hill unless you want a long drive or a difficult public transportation headache.

        2. Defnitely go to Monk's. The mussels are great as is the duck breast sandwich. Also get the pancake breakfast at the Pennsylvania Dutch place in Reading Market. (There's also a small seafood counter in the Reading Market that will cook a fresh lobster to order very inexpensively.) And don't miss a slice of pizza from Lorenzo's

          1. Everyone who has been mentioning Monk's has been forgetting to tell you about the rediculously long waits! If you go for an early lunch - you're fine. But if you plan on going for dinner, you had better arrive by 5-ish, because after that, the line is out the door. Also, if you want excellent mussles and Belgian beer - that's fine. But, if you want a quiet meal - forget it! Monk's, like every other bar is so loud and crowded that you can't carry on a decent conversation.