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Mar 28, 2008 03:09 PM

eating in Staten Island- where to go?

I am a foodie and want some good eats tonight any suggestions?


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  1. bk
    Too bad you didn't post earlier. Next time, post earlier and state what type of cuisine, ("good eats" is pretty broad) price range, whether or not you will be driving, etc, and I'll be delighted to bang out some reccs
    Hope you found a good place! :-}.

    1. Basilios is a terrific old-style Italian restaurant near the Verazzano Bridge.

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      1. re: Deuce

        That's so funny! It used to be dreadful. Really, really bad.I haven't been back in over a year. I just finished responding to another Poster who assures me that Basilios's has a new Chef and has upgraded the building. I told him I might try it again