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Mar 28, 2008 02:53 PM

Silky Smooth, Beverly Center?

Anyone check this new ice cream parlour out? According to Charles Perry they make exceptional ice cream, and all of their sodas are made with cane sugar (the Coke imported from Belgium).

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  1. Tried it once. The ice cream was very good but not memorably so. The staff are very friendly. Unfortunately they are in the Beverly Center and have no seating. Either one is pretty fatal IMHO. Another minus: they have the charmless design of a place which aspires more than anything else to be another chain.

    BTW here's a previous thread:

    1. Isn't this the frozen custard place that has been around for a few years now -- Bev Center, near the escalators. If so, I agree with Obsessive that it's pretty good. Worth a stop if you happen to be in the Center, but not a special trip.

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        So much for paying attention to a joint blogged about in the LATimes.

      2. Their ice cream is sublime--they may have only 5 or so dairy flavors, but they are made fresh on display with a special machine, and only the finest Gelato in Italy can compare IMHO. Nothing can compare to their vanilla. Fruit Sorbets are equally incredible, so smooth you swear there is dairy in them. And yes, as a world traveler who enjoys soft drinks with real cane sugar, Silky saves me a trip to Europe to indulge in the world's finest CocaCola, Sprite and Fanta from Belgium. They do not have seats in their shop, but do offer plenty of seating downstairs with free WiFi. Yes, wish they would open more shops outside the mall, but for now they are DEFINITELY worth the trip--I've not found any ice cream/gelato/yogurt in LA that is as fresh, smooth or tasty as Silky.

        1. If you're at the Beverly Center and need something cold and delicious, walk to the food court. You will see a big Haagen-Das place. Walk past it. On the left side, there is a yummy gelato place with lots of flavors, all of which are good. And all of which come with a nice crunchy langue du chat-type cookie. Once you have purchased your gelato, continue walking back towards the lovely outdoor patio. This is the best kept secret of the Beverly Center--a rooftop deck with lots of seating and umbrellas.